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called this long on 18/01/18 here:
Looks like my strategy works on cryptocurrencies as well!


Anybody buy womencoin?


Reply to @marcdelrey : those are highly temperament and unpredictable.
Can fluctuate up and down without warning.
FA and TA cannot analyze it
Better to stay away
Or if you must, just buy 1 and hold forever.
Apparently anyone who owns more than 1, never had good results.


so many ICOs nowadays!


Back to zero sum game, player's handbook. currency wars book


Reply to @ergkmaslowcari : zero sum game is the price for dare-devil to pay if one against mah. Not like one put all the money insai the crypto market.


Red market recently in crypto world. Thanks to beginner’s luck, managed to cash out capital as well as booking close to 2 fold return. Progressively booking some profits along the way while letting the free chips run. Aside that, time for some portfolio balancing work. This crazy market had indeed pulled off a great help in helping me with my goals and returns in 2017. Grats to all other fellow dare-devils that embarked into the sea of crypto!


thread so quiet recently ... come share our sad story and your strategy now ..

Currently still holding eth neo xrp .. lost 45 percent over the past few days .. will hold till ZERO..

But heng took out capital during the first drop cycle cuz heart too weak ..


Reply to @PosThink : Buy more btc and eth! Buy the dips!


Congrat to those who huat at Crypto market espically in folds. Those people who kio during the parabolic stage, well bo bian must bear the loss huan. Overall high risk high return.

$$$$$$ HUAT LIAO LAH $$$$$$


Reply to @gingwien : i agree. Its still too early to conclude anything. Crypto is here to stay. QTUM ICX ETH KNC!

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where are the crypto gurus now that bitcoin has effectively lost more than half of it's value in less than 2 months?


Reply to @victorli : We are all watching... I suspect BTC and ETH will have one more leg down from here... Maybe towards the $7000 levels. Watching closely for reentry... DYODD.

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