Hi everyone, below are the list of winners with the highest number of likes as of yesterday. Congratulations to the winners!

@cedricyang @yapjt @wellhandy @Spinning_Top @GongJiaowei

We will email you shortly. So please let us know your mailing address and the book will mail to you.

At the mean time, thank you everyone for your participation and thank you @simpleinvestorsg for your giveaways to the community!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Reply to @InvestingNote : Thanks. Will check and reply. sorry for the delay.

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Thank you so much everyone for the great comment. Very good sharing. We still have a few hours before we close this. We will announce the results tomorrow:) The comment that has the highest like at the moment is from @cedricyang with 25 likes!

Anyway, there will be 5 winners:)


the only book I dont read - facebook...
I truly dont have it and wont create. lolx


Reply to @smurfy : Wow, we are proud to be in your list of social media platform:)

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