notice that there's no rule regarding impersonation..


Reply to @krysanify : Newly updated rule #11.


Hi Investingnote, good effort.

can I ask for point 1, I have intention to have a blog next year once my time is more free up, does it means I cannot link my blog here?

For point 7, some times I faced is the post is not reflected, I believe is laggy, so will that take into consideration of being banned for spamming?

next, I think would it be good if your end can have a way to give some sort of identity say a Verified word or so to the account so people know that is a legitimate person. like LI Guang Sheng, he put his face, but Im very ugly so I dont dare put my photo. I dont mind share with IN only to verify myself. will there be this feature in your roadmap?



Reply to @smurfy : i think for point 1 is cannot like a blog that is selling product..

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