$Noble Group(CGP.SI) 'TROUBLED commodity trader Noble Group posted a huge loss of US$1.2 billion for the three months to September from a US$28.1 million loss a year ago on the back of impairments from asset sales and provisions.

This brings losses for the nine-month period to a massive US$3.05 billion from a US$42.5 million loss a year ago.

Revenue for the third quarter fell 18 per cent to US$1.46 billion from US$1.79 billion a year ago. Loss per share came in at 89.9 US cents versus a loss of 2.93 US cents per share in the previous period.'

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bgting and vcvc like this.
paullim :

Lose so much? Scary

bennylim22 :

How many billion they..have ?
Keep lost ..lucky.i cut loss at 110..few years die also half die..

vcvc :

Can it go any lower?

vcvc :

Reply to @duckie : Lol. Some time back I was thinking if I can buy a few lots and in case they swing back big time. Now seem like wise not to gamble my money away. :)

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duckie :

dont pull everyone down please!

scwork :

Reply to @duckie : Noble group no longer has the type of influence it had over the market. If not for the consolidation, it is now only a penny stock worth 0.025 a piece. So even if it does drop further, it will not affect the market that much if any.

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Who let kallangdog out , woof woof woof

$AEM(AWX.SI) $Samurai(1C3.SI) $Best World(CGN.SI) $Delong(BQO.SI)

Justification for stocks PE Ratio; if you would have look at the PE ratio of these stock before their astronomical rise vs their PE ratio now; is it justifiable?

And if either of these stock suddenly drop by 20% ; would u buy on dip to average down?What will be the justification then?

Well if even big guns cant justify the rise ; so how would we be able to justify the fall? Pure speculation or random big words string together to sound like a guru?


A typical example will be $Noble Group(CGP.SI) ;

IN has 2 camp during the consolidation ;

“supporter” camp mostly got snuff out; now no sound no picture anymore....

“Anti” camp survived , but none of us could really know what will happen in the future; whiteknight bailout? Bankrupt?

Simply put; unless u have insider connection; we cant “predict” the rise and fall of a stock price as i believed all stock are manipulated by the stock jesus behind the scene....

Just pray hard and dont find me at kallang river.....

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$Noble Group(CGP.SI)
Will you still be interested to buy this counter for a possible rebound or you would rather skip and trade on other counter . Is a high risk high returns counter . For value investor would be shy away . Only left for trader and punter to gauge the probability of a rebound ..
Current price seems hovering near the support at 30 cents . What is the growth story after they have sold off most of their businesses .. Not sure what is the NAV now ?
Not a call to sell or buy.

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Rank sm

Let the 8 huat huat huat!

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