New Kid on the Block to Challenge JUMBO???

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AvgJoe :

Singapore listing getting crappier

Anthony1961 :

This one is much better in terms of quality and service.

victorli :

any Tom dick or Harry also can ipo

pillow :

anyone here a fan of No Signboard? I've been to their restaurant only a few times, nothing really memorable.

HuatBrother :

There is another "No Signboard" operating at a Hawker Stall at Mei Ling St Market / Hawker Centre.

Their Braised Duck Rice and Noodle is very good and it is drawing very long 'Q' at lunch time!!!

Spinning_Top :

Wah...seems like there is going to a crab Guess what is the ticker symbol when it get listed...None..because it has no signboard or name mah..kekeke..joking

derenceho :

don't like the name and their service.

HuatBrother :

Reply to @derenceho : That's what the name says
"No Signboard"
So you cannot complain!!!

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