InvestingNote Workshop Series: Value Momentum Workshop

Our workshop series is back again!

This time, learn a hybrid form of value investing which uses a mix of fundamental and technical analysis, also known as Value Momentum.

Conducted by our veteran financial blogger, @heartlandboy (aka Alison), he will teach you to identify a company's sustainable competitive advantage, future growth drivers and more.

He will also be sharing secrets of his investments.

Enrich your investing acumen and hear it live from Heartlandboy, who's also spoken at many public events such as Invest Fair.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday 21st November, 7pm - 9pm. Register by clicking this link: now.

Limited seats only.

Register now, come later. We'd see you there!


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@investingnote can do recording next time and sell it on your platform. Too bad my exam is this Friday else I would be there.


Reply to @duckie : Interesting idea. Thank you for the suggestion!:)

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The session today was fruitful and informative. Heartlandboy was able to clearly explain how he picks winning stock, and provided ample example for each criteria. There was also additional time allocated for more advance topics such as calculating intrinsic value, which HLB could break down into understandable parts.

What impressed me the most was the effort he took to answer every single question which showcase his knowledge in investment (and property). I would recommend those considering to go for any future sessions.


Reply to @Simpleinvestorsg : thank you for such a positive review. i came away having learnt much from the questions raised by the audience as well. the P/B with ROE approach is very enlightening as well. thanks!

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@heartlandboy on the stage now. thank you for those who have come today!


How do you decide 80% FA and 20% TA? A good buy can be justified by either FA or TA. The best buy of course is when both analyses scan out. Where do u draw the line?


Reply to @heartlandboy : SMAs are lagging indicators. What I meant is how you "calculate" your 20%? I put it my way: first, do your FA and pick your counters, then do your TA for your entries and exits. I would put more emphasis on Volume transected than just MA

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i am interested to join but having an issue , As my hubby and son r not around , can I bring along my daughter she is 9 yrs old . She will be sitting with me and will not disturb anyone . Please suggest :)


is the this a basic course, or will it be more advanced?


Reply to @marcusc : i will consider it rather basic.


What will this and the Adam Khoo's Wealth Academy Free 3 hour Master Course differ?


postpone please. exam period for me!


Reply to @heartlandboy : Don't worry! Hope for more workshop

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OK, reserved my seat. Will be there.


I am using both TA and FA and it seems to be working quite well. Besides TA & FA you will need to follow market news and also your Personal Analysis and experience to work towards your advantage. Stock selection is Ultra important .. Is Super important to do your homework and have a proper plan and "PATIENCE "is the word that I would like to emphasis .. Is good to keep on learning ! Sharing is giving . Gd luck!


Reply to @heartlandboy : No problem ! Is good to know that you are sharing your investment methodology which Incorporated with Both FA & TA. Good stuff! Do hope that the turnout will be overwhelming and a successful seminar! Cheers

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