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$Duty Free Intl(5SO)
What did the company did to cause its share price at 52 weeks low.

1) in 2016, dividends was reduced from the usual 8-10% annual dividend range (see attached).

2) share issues of S$46m (most of it is still in coy's cash holding in bank).

What can the coy do to reverse and get its share price rising again?

1) continues to issue interim dividends every quarters.
Raise its dividends payout to 8-10%

Coy has S$80m cash in bank so it can easily increase its payout without any issue to its operations.

2) Continue its share back.
Share price is at 52 weeks low. Every share buy back create shareholders value as the money used were issue at 30% higher share price.

The financial statement is getting brighter. There is no reason that coy is not aware of the basic mkt workings to increase shareholders value with higher share price.

Watch this counter.

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Phuact :

Coy is cash rich and no debt (exclude trade finance being part of biz advantage) and every quarter it is generating profits.

heinemann partnership will continue to bear fruits.

But Share price at 52 weeks low.

All is up to the major shareholder and the coy to decide if it wants take actions to move up its share price.

Low share price is only good for privatisation or takeover.

Otherwise, it is detrimental to all shareholders.

Hope the major shareholder and the company could take actions on this area.

weekee0 :

Trend started to change..going up slowly soon

jeanlekang :

Stock is back to pre-XD price!

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$Duty Free Intl(5SO.SI) After the price spike from the hype of Heinemann stake, we see Duty Free balance sheet slowly transformed into an efficient business model. This should enable Duty Free to be more nimble in the competitive retail business.

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