$Duty Free Intl(5SO)
What did the company did to cause its share price at 52 weeks low.

1) in 2016, dividends was reduced from the usual 8-10% annual dividend range (see attached).

2) share issues of S$46m (most of it is still in coy's cash holding in bank).

What can the coy do to reverse and get its share price rising again?

1) continues to issue interim dividends every quarters.
Raise its dividends payout to 8-10%

Coy has S$80m cash in bank so it can easily increase its payout without any issue to its operations.

2) Continue its share back.
Share price is at 52 weeks low. Every share buy back create shareholders value as the money used were issue at 30% higher share price.

The financial statement is getting brighter. There is no reason that coy is not aware of the basic mkt workings to increase shareholders value with higher share price.

Watch this counter.

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V laggy div pay counter la


why still can't fly up? n also no more share buy back activities... Zzzzz


Coy is cash rich and no debt (exclude trade finance being part of biz advantage) and every quarter it is generating profits.

heinemann partnership will continue to bear fruits.

But Share price at 52 weeks low.

All is up to the major shareholder and the coy to decide if it wants take actions to move up its share price.

Low share price is only good for privatisation or takeover.

Otherwise, it is detrimental to all shareholders.

Hope the major shareholder and the company could take actions on this area.


Trend started to change..going up slowly soon


Stock is back to pre-XD price!

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$Duty Free Intl(5SO)
From IN's coy Fundermental:
- Cash in hand per share = S$0.028
- Price/ Cash in hand = 3.966

At currect share price of 28 cts,
either one of the a/m is wrong.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy or is there an error? Tks

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Target Price

$Duty Free Intl(5SO)
1. Better profits quarter (up 1.8% better profits compare to last year same quarter)
2. Good Inventory control (25% drop over last year).
3. High cash holding.
4. Regular Dividends paying.
5. Current dhare price near 52 weeks low.

Things are looking brighter for this company.

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$Duty Free Intl(5SO)

The Board of Directors of Duty Free International Limited (the “Company”, and together with
its subsidiaries, the “Group”) wishes to announce that its 90% less one share owned
subsidiary, DFZ Capital Berhad had received a notice from the Companies Commission of
Malaysia confirming that DFZ Capital Berhad had been converted from a public company
limited by shares to a private company limited by shares on 6 October 2017.
Consequently, DFZ Capital Berhad’s name has changed to DFZ Capital Sdn. Bhd. with
effect from 6 October 2017.

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Target Price

After 6 days of resistance at 31-31.5cts, today 31-31.5cts has become the new support price. The battlefield next week is at 32cts and above. The reverse after hitting 52 weeks low has finally started. Target for 2 mths to reach 43.5cts.

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$Duty Free Intl(5SO)
What will happen to the share prices when the coy share buyback S4m (1% of outstanding stares)?

We can get some light when we go back in history.

In 2003, the coy did just that and its share price increased from 33cts to 43.5cts. A rise of 31.8% within a period of 1 month (Dec 2013 to Jan 2014)!


Coy recently announces an Equity Buyback for 122,850,039 shares, representing 10% of its issued share capital.

What are the positive things to note?

1) Similarly the coy doesn't have a high free float to begin with. Its No.1 shareholder, Malaysian listed company Atlan Holdings, holds 73%. Top 10 shareholders, involving several banks, accounts for 95+% of shareholdings ! (as at May 2017 - see attached)

2) In the 1st quarter statement ending 31 May 2017, the cash and cash equivalents of the Group increased by RM1.0 million for 1Q FY2018, ending the period with cash and cash equivalents of RM255.5 million!

3) Big volume (10m+) was traded hands on 18th July and this usually occurs before big moves in share prices.

Buyback has started on 13th July a small scale for few days with share price supports at 31.5cts.

Watch this stock.

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