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Technical Pulse - 12 October
$Jumbo(42R.SI) - BULLISH
In the near term, price might face some rejection off the 0.600 resistance area and 200 day moving average first before turning back into the new uptrend to test the 0.650 resistance area.

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Recently, I got into some trouble with some organization as 'some idiots' at my workplace started spreading rumours that I am engaged in some form of illegal activities to fund my lifestyle. Though I don't know who was it, I was sure it was from my workplace.

I am only in my late twenty and just started working not long ago after graduating from university. I am drawing a salary of 4k ++. I travel once per quarter and eat at random fancy restaurant once a week. My average spending a month (excluding travelling) is around 3k ++ (car instalment, food, outing and allowance for parent).

What many of my colleagues don't know was that I started investing since my polytechnic days (about 8 years ago). I gathered a huge pool of warchest back in 2010 during world cup and have started investing for dividend ever since. Throughout my journey, I made 2 lucky multi-bagger (ShengSiong and MM2). The multi-bagger caused my warchest to increase greatly.

Now I invest mainly in blue-chip for dividend. My average monthly passive income is about 1k which I will usually reinvest. My job is very stable and thus I am able to spend without worry plus I know I am able to secure another job easily should the need arise.

After the trouble was cleared, many 'lao jiao' in my company started advising me to save for rainy and stuff. They are the type who are planning to work, save and wait for retirement which might never come. I just nodded my head and tell them yes yes yes.

I don't want a stable lifestyle, I want an enriching lifestyle. My advice to people is always to take mini-retirement by going on a holiday whenever possible. Don't be afraid of judgement and never stop learning.

If you are in your early twenty and you are poor, It is normal.

If you are in your early thrity and you always looking forward to payday, You have to work harder.

If you are in your early fourty and you fear of losing your job, You have to reflect on your life.

Don't be jealous of other people lifestyle, instead work on your own lifestyle.


Current portfolio.

$STI ETF(ES3.SI) $SingTel(Z74.SI) $CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) $ThaiBev(Y92.SI) $Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) $SATS(S58.SI) $Jumbo(42R.SI) $Cogent(KJ9.SI) $Metro(M01.SI) $Old Chang Kee(5ML.SI) $Sembcorp Ind(U96.SI) $DBS(D05.SI) $OCBC Bank(O39.SI)

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Frantically checking if cimb release any buy call at late noon? $Dragon^(MT1.SI) $Rowsley^(A50.SI) $Jumbo(42R.SI)

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$Katrina(1A0.SI) $BreadTalk(5DA.SI) $Jumbo(42R.SI) $Japan Foods(5OI.SI) $Kimly(1D0.SI)

I'm quite a novice in FA and TA stuff as I started only investing/occasionally trading about 2-3 years ago, unlike some shifus here who are really at digging information out, I depend a lot on numbers from financial statements to tell the story I need. 1 of my favourite metric to use is ROIC (Of course I also did other calculations), telling how much returns the company is getting back from their investments. It would help me decide whether it is a company I can hold for a long term or not.

Recently just divested and decided to diversify and re-invested into food conglomerate. Chose Kimly and Japan Foods. Probably on Kimly which many value investors will avoid due to it's valuation and high book value. But is it over valued due to sentimental reasons or there's a reason behind it? Below are the ROIC of some other food related conglomerates mostly from 2014 - 2017:

I chose Kimly for it's huge returns (hence probably caused it's to be overvalued, 一分钱一分货 I guess. Expensive and still become more expensive sometimes, so I took a calculated risk for this, one leg inside Kimly, one leg near the exit also, but doubt it will make a big loss suddenly to have to worry about book value for now, but will need to take note that their payables have been increasing yoy.

Japan Foods for yoy growing it's ROIC. Katrina is one that I would definitely avoid. Hope the shifus can guide if there are more in depth details I can look at or overlooked.

GPGT of DD, did not anyhow shoot out numbers.

(2014) 157%
(2015) 196%
(2016) 192%
(2017 calculated to 12 mths with 10% MOS) 144%

Japan Foods
(2014) 45%
(2015) 43%
(2016) 54%
(2017) 66%

(2014) 34%
(2015) 27%
(2016) 30%
(2017 calculated to 12 mths with 10% MOS) 22%

Jumbo Group
(2015) 97%
(2016) 101%
(2017 calculated to 12 mths with 10% MOS) 45%

(2015) 48%
(2016) 51%
(2017 calculated to 12 mths with 10% MOS) 0.8%

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