Hi All, I am trying to do an analysis report on 1 company. Which one would you pick from the 5 below and why?
1) $Food Empire(F03.SI)
2) $Geo Energy Res(RE4.SI)
3) $MM2 Asia(1B0.SI)
4) $China Sunsine(CH8.SI)
5) $SingMedical(5OT.SI)

I will share the free report once its done!

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hi everyone! we have just launched our brand new subscription service at https://www.investingnote.com/store/produc....

We hope to dig out more hidden gems like FoodEmpire for you... if you are looking for double-digit returns, dont hesitate to join us! just click on the link or find us in the "Store" button.



$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) been monitoring for damn long already


Reply to @Smallcapasia : Sometimes it is good as people who still invest despite the word 'China' may have deeper understanding and hence, higher conviction on the stock. May have potential for continuous growth with the new plant expansion underway. I will be excited only when the share price hit 1.5 though my next TP is 1.2.

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wooo $MM2 Asia(1B0.SI) is buying the whole Cathay Cineplexes! I love going there for movies... Do your think its a good deal or not?


Reply to @Smallcapasia : Cool. I dropped mm2 from my watchlist when they didn't get GV, would put them back in :)

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very funny. sure choose all 5 or more


Waiting patiently for singmed


Hi all, the report on Food Empire is out! Do check it out here: https://www.investingnote.com/posts/335012


I will probably go for Food Empire first and see whether you all like the report :)

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$MM2 Asia(1B0.SI) tying up with $SPH(T39.SI) to manage asiaone digital platform...


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FLASH ALERT: BUY $Sunpower(5GD.SI) @ $0.59!

[We will allocate 5K to this stock out of our $100K portfolio]

If you still remember $China Sunsine(CH8.SI)'s phenomenal rise over the past 2 years, you would be interested in this Stock as well.

First off, investors can allay their concerns that Sunpower is a S-Chip as it has been established since 1997, with 20 years of proven track record in the energy-saving and environmental protection sector. 

Customers include

(a) Chinese SOEs & corporations such as Sinopec ,CNPC ,CNOOC, and China Shenhua

(b) International customers such as BASF, BP, Shell, SABIC, and DOW Chemical 

The bulk of Sunpower's revenue used to come from the 2 segments mentioned but in recent years, they have been making inroads into Green Investments. (remind you of how China Sunsine can sustain their incredible pricing due to Chinese Government closing down smaller competitors that do not meet environmental standards right?)

I will be releasing the case study of Sunpower this Sunday. In the meantime, you can read more about it with the links below:

Although it has increased by 20% over just a few weeks, i believe there is more room for growth especially in the long run.

Furthermore, I am in awe as i saw how it can punch up higher despite all the market carnage/tensions during the past few days pertaining to the trade war. In sync with our Value Momentum theme, it has hit both the sweet spot of being undervalued and having the momentum to push the share price higher (Breakout from consolidation).

That said, we still want to be careful during this uncertain period so we are allocating $5K to this stock, and will accumulate if the share price comes down again. Stay tuned for the report this Sunday!

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$China Sunsine(CH8.SI)

TGIF! Last week, i went down to China Sunsine AGM that day and wrote about 7 things I learned from it.

For the benefit of the subscribers here... i will share 3 more juicy stuff i can infer from interacting with the management team.

1) I asked about the upcoming heating plant and CFO says that its not significant to their top & btm-line. They usually use it for their own usage and sell whatever is left to the surrounding players. But their business ops are irregular so its hard to estimate the revenue coming from it.

2) Another question i asked the CFO is about whether there is any contract/lock-in agreement b/w China Sunsine and the Tyre makers. I found out something astonishing. The Tyre makers will commit to a Price 1 Qtr ahead in time but Volume only 1 Month ahead!

No wonder they keep saying that "prices will normalize". Anyway, after i probe further, CFO says that prices for the next quarter is already fixed. It means that we will see another stellar 2Q 2018.

3) The management team keep saying that they will boost the sales volume to counter the price drop in near future such that the sales/profits still goes up in "absolute value". That said, i can feel from the vibes that it may not be necessarily true (trying to smoke us).

With point #2 in mind, we may take profits when the prices start to show signs of weakness and increasing sales vol. can't negate the impact of it. But, we will hold on until at least the 2Q results is out and monitor thereafter.


Btw, I will share the Q&A with $Moya Asia(5WE.SI) Investor Relations and $AEM with my friend working there in the upcoming week. Stay tuned!

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FLASH ALERT: BUY/ADD $China Sunsine(CH8.SI) !

[We will allocate another 10K out of our $100K portfolio to China Sunsine]


According to the positive profit alert press release, the Group
is expecting a substantial increase in consolidated net profit, compared to 1QFY2017. The last time it issued the +ve profit alert for the 4QFY2017 results, net profits were up 50+%.

The expected profit growth is mainly due to the increase in both average selling price (“ASP”) and sales
volume of the Group’s products. The Chinese
government has been placing more emphasis on environmental protection, and more frequent environmental
protection inspections were conducted. Some players in the rubber chemicals industry which failed to meet
the relevant environmental regulations were forced to suspend their productions. This had resulted in the
short supply in the market. In 1Q2018, the short supply continued, and accordingly, the Group was able to
sell more products at a higher ASP.

Given a PE ratio of 13x and conservative growth rate of more than 25%, we think that there is a wide margin of safety here.

Thus, despite issuing a Buy Signal just a few weeks ago at $1.36, we think that investors who missed out can go in at this current share price. Those vested can also add on to the stock.

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