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So many Gurus predicting it will drop, i will "GUESS" it will go up.

Not a buy or sell call, so please DYODD

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lkcs0202 :

Burwill announcement 23/oct

seanyap2 :

Reply to @lkcs0202 : Guaranteed revenue of Us$280million for first 2 years. From us$200mil increase to us$280mil

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limchinhuat :

Monday cross gap up and cross 400!?

lohmingsheng :

Reply to @limchinhuat : tmr is ur day Lim Chin Huat, cuz tmr u will Huat

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JinHoSey :

Looking at the price action ... i think later after 4pm shld have movement liao .. or maybe latest monday morning. Fasten your seat belt guys

lkcs0202 :

Reply to @JinHoSey : Too bad flying off next week. Unable to attend the AGM.

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lkcs0202 :

Alliance latest announcement

seanyap2 :

Huat ah! Jiangxi Special Motor invest in Tawana Resources.

lkcs0202 :


China car maker Great Wall drives $28m deal for Pilbara Minerals lithium

News of recent Chinese investment on Pilbara Minerals at 50c now 77c. For info only. DYODD

lkcs0202 :

3rd page. Last page only signature

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$Alliance Mineral(40F)
These information are all contained in my previous post, recap to see why I'm bullish on Alliance Mineral.


1. Waiting for the offtake agreement in Apr/May

AMAL aim to produce 129,000 coarse material in the first year, with additional 59,000 of fine material the following year. This is according to the spectacularly better-than-expected large-scale metallurgical test work," says Mr Pramoko.

Galaxy Resources secured offtake agreement of USD950mt for spodumene concentrate. Galaxy lithium grade is 5%+ whilst AMAL is 6%+ premium grade. 129000x950=USD122.55m, not including the main Tantalum product and 59000 tons of fine product and other minerals. At present price, it is a DISCOUNT to the potential of AMAL.

Do the math . DYODD cheers:)

2. Many advance countries are into various scheme involving Lithium, i.e. Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy. Energy Storage is set to boom (see para 8)

3. China is buying mines with Lithium in South America. When China get involves, their appetite is huge. They are either in partnership or holding a substantial share in some Australia miners. They are reaching into South America quietly for more lithium. The race is on for more Lithium. The downside is that Argentina will deregulate and encourage more Lithium mining and to expect big supply from them by 2020 onwards. Nevertheless by the time Argentina come on stream the demand in the most advance countries in the world will outstrip their supply. Goldman Sachs predicted that Lithium demand will increase 3 times by 2020.
Korean steel-maker Posco started commercial production of lithium carbonate in Gwangyang last week, with a 2,500tpy capacity plant aiming to supply domestic battery material manufacturers, including Posco’s subsidiary Posco ESM. PosLX, as the plant is known, uses a proprietary extraction technology developed by Posco. Feedstock for PosLX is lithium phosphate

4. Tencent (China) just bought 5% of Telsa. Tesla is into EV, Energy Storage and 'Gigafactory" (USD$5b) producing Lithium ion batteries for various usage. China is wining the race with Tesla on 'Gigafactory', they had more. Another Gigafactory (USD$1b) is planned at Nevada by other investors. AES Corp and Altagas Ltd are the two other companies creating battery plant in California. Altagas plant was activated in Jan 27th this year. AES Corp has another battery in Arizona scheduled to go on line within the next several months as well as a project internationally in India. Ex Tesla executives are planning for more In Europe. One future production site will need an investment of USD$4.225 over a period of six year. NorthVolt (Sweden) plans construction in 2H2018 and production by end 2020. Tesla and China are in a scramble to get more Lithium supplies for their factories.

5. 30 Cities in America wants green vehicle for their public services and talking to car markets. They are (Democrats of course) into climate protection and likely some form of legislation to reduce the number of diesel fuel vehicle. Climate change is real. Electric car sales grew at an annualized rate of 60% last year. Moreover, Tesla predicts that its sales will grow by the same number through 2020.

6. Galaxy and other Aussies lithium miner actually hit 1000% in July 2016 (for last year) but had retraced back. I read this from MOTLEY FOOL AU. AMAL when compared to them is a laggard. Amal is just starting.

7. China slated to spend USD$360 billions on Renewable Energy And Clean Energy. Europe Renewable Energy Directive will also spurred more demands of EV.

8. Energy Storage is set to boom in 2017. The problems with today's power grid isn't the lack of electricity but rather the lack of it at certain times. The United States has progressively moved towards adding renewable energy to the grid but solar and wind power are rather intermittent. Worst of all, some of these power is completed wasted because their grid is unable to store it properly. Tesla and other companies has begun to solve this pressing issue.

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Today, the ST Index up 16.02 points to close at 3,319.11 and the Trading Volume of Pennies in the Top Twenty Counters shrunk slightly as today is a Friday. Penny counters occupied 15 of the Top Twenty Counters with 8 counters closing positive and the rest of the counters managed to hold steady except for $Moya Asia(5WE.SI) and $GKE(595.SI) which were sold down.

Currently, the following penny counters are in the Top Twenty List $Sincap(5UN.SI) , $Rowsley^(A50.SI), $Alliance Mineral(40F.SI) , $Moya Asia(5WE.SI), $Magnus Energy(41S.SI) , $Oceanus^(579.SI) , $Raffles Edu(NR7.SI) , $Compact Metal^(T4E.SI) , $KOP(5I1.SI) , $KrisEnergy(SK3.SI), $China Med Intl(5IB.SI) , $QT Vascular(5I0.SI) , $GKE(595.SI) , $Falcon Energy(5FL.SI) , $Jiutian Chemical(C8R.SI)

Today, no counter traded more than 100,000 lots, only 3 counters traded around 50,000 to 75,000 lots, 7 counters traded around 30,000 to 45,000 lots and the remaining counters traded in a range of 15,000 to 25,000 lots. Trading was not brisk but still looks OK.
Penny counter’s performance today was was mixed with some traders taking profit while others are buying and some still holding on as shown by the trading volume. Taking top spot was $Sincap(5UN.SI), traded to a high of 0.020 before closing at 0.019 with a trading volume of 74,074. $Rowsley^(A50.SI) after a bout of profit taking hold steady to close at 0.138 with a trading volume of 62,138. $Alliance Mineral(40F.SI) was in play and was traded to a high 0.37 before closing at 0.365 with a trading volume of 52,344 lots. $Moya Asia(5WE.SI) suffered a surprised sell down from a high of 0.118 to 0.109 with a trading volume of 45,421 lots after holding steady at 0.116 for the last few trading sessions. The reason for the sell down is still unknown but need to look out for any bad news pertaining to the sell down otherwise it could be BB’s tactical move to push the counter down to force weak holders to throw out their holdings. $DISA(532.SI) continued to trade in very tight range and closed at 0.013 with a trading volume of 9,665 lots.

Today’s trading volume for penny counters on a Friday still looks positive and our hope for the 2017 Penny Rally still looks intact. Market sentiment was boosted by news that Oei Hong Leong has requisitioned an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to oust Raffles Education chairman Chew Hua Seng. $Raffles Edu(NR7.SI) was traded to a high of 0.40 before closing at 0.36 with a trading volume of 30,326 lots

What can we expect to see in the market on this coming Monday???

Will the Penny Counters continue to trade higher or will the market pull back to drift lower???

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Today, the ST Index up 0.27 points to close at 3,291.56 and the Trading Volume of Pennies in the Top Twenty Counters improve slightly. Penny counters occupied 14 of the Top Twenty Counters with 6 counters closing positive and the rest of the counters holding steady except for $Imperium Crown(5HT.SI) , which closed down by 5.49% at 0.086 and $AusGroup(5GJ.SI) , closed down by 26.08% at 0.34
Currently, the following penny counters are in the Top Twenty List $Magnus Energy(41S.SI) , $Rowsley^(A50.SI), $DISA(532.SI), $Accrelist(5RJ.SI) , $QT Vascular(5I0.SI), $KOP(5I1.SI) , $SinoCloud(5EK.SI) , $AusGroup(5GJ.SI) , $ASTI^(575.SI), $Artivision Tech(5NK.SI) , $Alliance Mineral(40F.SI) , $Imperium Crown(5HT.SI) , $Addvalue Tech(A31.SI) , $Loyz Energy(594.SI)

Today, we have one counter traded more than 100,000 lots, followed by 1 counter traded around 55,000 lots, 1 counter traded at around 45,000 lots, 5 counters traded at around 30,000 lots and the remaining counters trading in a range of 14,000 to 23,000 lots.
Penny counter’s performance today improved with more buying interest from traders. $Magnus Energy(41S.SI) continued to retain the Top Spot in the Top Twenty List with a trading volume of 244,971 lots to close at 0.002. $Rowsley^(A50.SI) retained the second spot with a trading volume of 55,926 lots to close at 0.133. $DISA(532.SI) claimed third spot with a trading volume of 46,229 lots to close at 0.014. Alliance Mineral was impressive in today’s trading and closed up 0.04 at 0.325 with a trading volume of 17,882 lots. $KOP(5I1.SI) also did well to close up 0.011 at 0.089 with a trading volume of 31,139 lots.
In today’s trading, $Rowsley^(A50.SI) and $DISA(532.SI) looks positive to climb higher as both closed with positive set up for tomorrow trading whereas $Moya Asia(5WE.SI) is still weak without much buying interest. Keep a look out for $DISA(532.SI) which has been releasing positive news lately and may just take off with any announcement of new products launch.

What can we expect to see in the market tomorrow???

Will the Penny Counters continue to trade higher or will the market pull back to drift lower???

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