Reply to @2V_ : Hahaha. Our market is "sick". My personal opinion to revive it must be industry people to run it. My gut feel is all the policies implemented are by non industry people who do not know what they doing. On paper look logical, but in reality doom to fail. :(

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thank you for sharing! very apt advice now :)


扎马步 is actually discipline. showing restraint against buying and selling. doing nothing when there is nothing to be done. the itch to do something when nothing is in your favour is as great as the pain in rapidly deteriorating trade. the mind money method that everyone talks about is no myth. a stool needs 3 legs.


Reply to @wellhandy : Yes ,,扎马步,耐心的等, 1.不冲高不卖,不跳水不买,横盘不交易。

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