David Stockman President Reagan's OMB director, opined that the rally is in danger!!!


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Its a matter of time it will happen. Indeed shit talk. I no study also can tell everyone, its going to crash, folks. But a constant reminder to bail out of what u gain before every thing head south. Don't get too greedy by the bullish environment now. The bear is watching to smack down the bull...
Still i like to BullytheBear...(someone's nick here.. LOL) or GoreTheBearAss.


Reply to @keithang : Jusþ a reminder that "What goes up will come down". LOL


learn to filter shit news.


Reply to @tradingboy : Everyone is entitled to his own views!!! LOL


David san.....lai lim kopi.....okie


lol this guy is A crazy bear la, has been saying about crash for dont know many years d. Its not that i dont think market might go into bear, but I see no substance from his crazy bear shout.


Huatbrother, Block him, ha ha


Reply to @Anthony1961 : Can't block him now until the event takes place!!!
Currently everyone is flipping a coin so just have to wait and see!!!


Important to have a diversified portfolio. Geographically, industrial and instruments wise. You don’t know when the crash will come and the opportunity cost will only increase if u anticipate. Rather u have a well diversified portfolio and embrace the crash.
These calls have been made for numerous times and you will only find yourself incurring costs if u anticipate


sti 3250 now

40% plunge = 1950
70% plunge = 975


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