How shall I classify this? A reflection post perhaps?

First of all, to my followers: don't follow me, at least not blindly. I'm not here to lead you. But if you want, you can walk side by side with me and we see how we can learn from each other. Someone asked me for my age because I seem experienced (you know who you are), but don't mistake old age for experience. There are many people, at half my age, who is twice as experienced as I am. Experience is an accumulation of past mistakes, reflection and rectified actions. You can have the experience of doing the same thing for 20 yrs yet have the experience of just 1 solid year. Age means nothing in a non-labour intensive vocation.

Second: If you don't know my style, I prefer the hard truths spoken in 10 mins rather than talking about the weather for 10 hrs. I can take the criticism, and am expecting it because that's the reason I share my trades. I'm here to learn from you as much as you might be learning from me. I'm not a trading guru, so don't treat me as such. It's a hat that I know I can't wear. But if you want to talk about academic subjects that I teach (I'm a tutor), bring it on. I'm a subject matter expert lol, so in a way, I'm a academic exam-busting guru literally. We all have different views, and there's enough room to disagree yet be friendly with each other. Investingnote is a sacred place for me, and I love it so much because of the happy 'online memories' of serious chats and nonsense banter. Don't make this place a slug-fest of insults and finger pointing and ruin the experience for everyone else. I believe kindergarten is way beyond our age already.

Thirdly, life is too short to hold anger. Sure, sometimes shit happens and you let it out. Rant for 5 mins, scream and shout profanities all you want. But after that, move on. That's a trick I read about. If you're the victim of a mud fest, just ignore. Eventually the truth will come out. How you react to a situation reflects more on yourself than the perpetrator. If you are nonchalant, the perpetrator is just doing a monologue, a soliloquy. Just watch the show and clap at the end of the day. Takes two hands to clap. If you want an eye for an eye, the whole world will be blind. I don't know about you, but while I can't control others, I can definitely control myself. Be better than this.

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I like what you shared. Very meaningful! At least I can see the rationale behind very post.


1) Just followed you, I scare you leave without me.

2) I also like to bully the bear so same views as you though we have different stock selections criteria. Acceptance is impt for any form of discussions.

3) Life is short and I think we both prefer to spend time with our babies rather than fighting and arguing over some stock selections over here. Silent is gold. Time is better spent at where most matters to us.

Jialat la once again, we are proven similar in mindset lah. Turtle and Bear need to meet for kopi in the future.

Happy weekend bro! Have a Splendid Saturday!


Reply to @smurfy : U sounded very old hor .. see ppl you know leaving this world ah ... to be honest I have not yet but I think eventually the day would come haiz ... yes life is short and unpredictable ...

Cherish the time spent with family rather than come here argue non stop with ppl you don't even know and numbers not every real or not hahahaha

Yes let's continue to bully the bear!!

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Take some posts seriously, take the rest with a pinch of salt, a lime and some tequila ;)

If we understand that in terms of the market, nothing we do or say here can move it, then no one should have the ego big enough to think that their actions make a difference to the prices. We can only try whatever methods you are most comfortable with and hope that market agrees with you...

Happy weekend everyone, I for one am thankful now is the weekend. :)


笑佛以前出声不多也曾经被 Ah Leong攻击。你说奇怪不奇怪? 哈哈哈。。。


I confer bullythebear a title... IN diplomat. Diplomatic and almost poetic in his writing. Haha...and we all know, who doesn't love bears? I have a weakness for one to start with... have a great weekend everyone. :)


Im following you to see if you still bully the bear, I will call WWF on you. ;D


Reply to @BULLytheBEAR : I'm watching you. xD following your posts closely.

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Nice write Bro ! This is a place we learn from each other .. nothing wrong with different views. I like to see how the community members debate and analyse the counters as it broaden my perspective. But I detest when one get personnel , start mocking and sneering of others' opposing view or rejoice when one is down and hitting under the belt . What I hope to see is encouragement, mentoring and sharing of knowledge.... and have some humour..


Well said!

“To get what you want, deserve what you want”....I like this quote from Charlie Munger. It teaches us that to get the respect or trust, you must show the character and earn it.


Reply to @BULLytheBEAR : always looking forward to the sharing from both of you....どうも

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Good read!

I am no longer a frequent-user of IN anymore due to the increasing toxicity. The good ones (3Fs, DW, TII, TTI, Bullythebear etc) post quality threads once a week or a month. But many others just spam numerous threads almost on a daily basis! >__<

And talking about different views on stocks, my guess is that people are venting their frustrations online. Maybe their worklife or family life not going smoothly..... I can never understand why people would bother wasting their time 'defending' their vested counters. As if the company's CEO is going to appreciate it.

Even when 2 people share the same investing philosophy, can also have conflict. I am vested in many similar counters as ML. Then, one day he suddenly accused me of copying his trades and blocked me. Seriously? o_O

Nowadays, I just focus on the charting tools provided by IN.....


Reply to @Genosis : Ah Leong 这个人自尊心太重,脾气暴躁,之前在职场上肯定得罪不少人,职位待不久,只好当"企鹅爸爸"。明明就是失业男士却说在家里打理小生意! 这种人做生意有人感当他的顾客吗? 哈哈哈。。。

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Thank you for a good weekend reading. Support.

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