$Man Oriental USD(M04.SI) that's why u should never buy into rumours or uncertainties. These people always paint rosy pictures and then kaboom! Please stay safe :(

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layers :

if sold at 2.78 huat ahhhh.

obviously overvalued.

Mr_R :

Reply to @layers : This should catch alot unaware. Sold at 2.6 already Huat le. Small Volume trading trigger huge price variances.

Jej2609 :

kana whack up down left and right. 1.89 already

Aragon :

Reply to @Jej2609 : Flirting around 1.90 for now

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Liang_Soon_Fong :

since 2000, there is only 3 occasions, where the price is above $2.
2006 to 2007, 2011 and 2017...... on average 5 yrs rise 1 time....haha

SallyH :

Looks like another "scam" just to stir up the price. Lucky didn't get hooked.

Aragon :

Now that the sale is not going through and share price collapsed, I on the other hand think it's a good time to buy.
The management has other plans for it, may see the potential development profit to be more substantial. May take longer time to monetise though.

Mr_R :

why dropped so much overnight? Revaluation of assets?

bgting :

But it has sort of did a valuation of the asset. This one hotel is worth more than the whole company, ie the market cap.

bgting :

Reply to @ericds : Yes. That's why the bidding prices are high.

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gilbertyeo :

Trade with caution.

ericds :

Please stay safe and wear protection?

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$Man Oriental USD(M04.SI) - ( For Reference & Discussion Only )

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Mandarin Oriental International Limited’s Shares Plunged 32% This Morning: What Happened?
- Original Post from The Motley Fool Sg

Luxury hotel operator, Mandarin Oriental International Limited (SGX: M04), saw its stock price plummet more than 30% this morning.
What Caused the Drop?
The decrease in share price came after the company announced in the morning that none of the proposals recently received for the sale of The Excelsior at Hong Kong had fully met its expectations or transaction requirements.
It added that since the proposals are not compelling enough to sell the only four-star hotel in its portfolio, the company is continuing to review all options, including those that may result in redevelopment of the property into a commercial building.
The plans to redevelop the hotel was initially released in June this year when the hotel owner said that it is “undertaking a review of its long-term strategic options” regarding The Excelsior. It also mentioned that “in light of the current strong commercial property valuations in Hong Kong, the Company has decided to test market interest in the possible sale of the property”.
On 15th September 2017, it gave updates that it had received proposals from potential purchasers to acquire the property, and that these proposals would form the basis for further consideration of the company’s strategic options. Following the news, the stock jumped around 20%, from US$2.12 to US$2.56, in a single day.
A Foolish Takeaway
This episode is a classic case of how, to steal Benjamin Graham’s words, the stock market can be a voting machine in the short run.
However, stocks are not mere pieces of paper; they represent ownership in businesses. As such, whenever we buy a stock, we should thoroughly look into the business fundamentals and determine if the company can grow in the future.
Buying the rumour and selling the news is certainly not how we should be growing our wealth.
$Man Oriental USD(M04.SI)

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Target Price

$Man Oriental USD(M04.SI)
Offers were off the mark; excelsior deal is off for now, but management still open to fresh new bids from potential buyers.

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