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Hi everyone,

Selamat Hari Raya Haji ! Hope you have been enjoying your long holiday so far.

We have just released some major enhancements to the charting system. Here are enhancements you should not miss:

1. Added "short sell volumes to SGX stocks" indicator. You can click on all indicators list and find a new indicator 'Short Sell Volumes (SGX Stocks)'. Note that this only works for SGX stocks and for Daily chart only for now. We are open for suggestions on how to better present the data. The raw data is retrieved from SGX daily short selling report.

2. More chart types. Renko, Line Break, Kagi, Point & Figure.

3. Multiple chart layouts. You can put multiple charts together on one screen easily now.

4. More indicators on mobile app charts. You should be able to load all indicators available on mobile app now.

5. More quick periods selectors. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years.

Most of these are feedbacks from our users. Notably from @traderx Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Enjoy your holiday and don't forget to share these awesome features with your friends too!

Team InvestingNote

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Does the short selling volume include CFD short selling?


Reply to @ngkwei : What does the volume represent though?

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For short sell volume; do add a % of short sell to day's volume as a line across the short-sell. The absolute number of short sell does not give meaningful information without a comparison to something. In this case, the comparison is the day's total volume.


Reply to @vangogh53 : Good suggestion. Thank you.


Sorry for a little bit more demanding on mobile platform. We know this is a good platform, however, can you support clicking external link that can be opened by the default browser instead of InvestingNote browser?


Reply to @cheehow : Hi, if you would like to open it in browser, then you can go to Otherwise the chart you saw is already embedded in the app and not optimized to open in external browser.


I dont like the notification button, cant it auto clear all notifications once I click it? (Just like Facebook)


Appreciate if IN can insert 20 years time frame.


@InvestingNote guys, you just made my day sweeter! The amt of time I save on doing homework is probably halved, since I can do multiple charts on one go. Fantastic changes! Now if only the multiple chart settings can be saved... haha


Reply to @BULLytheBEAR : Awesome. Glad that it helps you a lot:)


would you mind to support vertical chart instead of always horizontal on mobile?


Reply to @cheehow : Due to the limited screen size, we can't really use vertical chart. It is not enough to fit our charting.


Nice enhancements


عيد مبارك‎‎


Thanks and great enhancement!
BTW, is there any selection tap from the chart that I can select and add the Pivot Point/Resistance/Support Levels?

Best Regards.

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