Bro @shanison, $APAC Strategic(5RA) toh. Same story as $InnoPac^(I26). That's why when 2 BBs are fighting we better avoid. When I confirmed 2 BBs fighting, I get out first. Heng ah! Huat ah!

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Walao, $APAC Strategic(5RA) dropped below 50... Luckily we were out!


ya bro, for $APAC Strategic(5RA) the war is over now. The bear wins! 10% drop. better avoid when the outcome is not clear, don't gamble. If bet wrongly, will cry forever.

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Can continue to watch $APAC Strategic(5RA). More upside expected. Pls DYODD! Huat ah!

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$APAC Strategic(5RA) got 2 BBs fighting World War 3. Sellers comes in lorries buy buyers comes in Containers. Don't know who will Huat ah!

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Morning all! $DJI(^DJI) dropped again. Diam diam Stocks have been dropping for days and a dead cat rebound will come anytime. Today is Friday and normally ppls don't like to keep stocks over the weekend. This is the time where dead cat rebound can happen. So don't try naked shorts today. If morning market drop, afternoon may rebound.

$APAC Strategic(5RA) - those watching APAC trading pattern should be able to see power. For this counter, normally if BBs wanted to throw down the price e.g. at 61 on Wednesday, they will throw at one go and place a few k lots at 61. Retailers hardly have a chance to sell at 61 then. But they didn't did that. They still allow retailers to throw at 61 on Wednesday. So yesterday we should expect retailers to queue sell at 61. BBs computerised ate up the 61 lots in the morning. They ate retailers lots and then put 1-3 k lots again at 61 to show retailers that still have many 61 sellers. When 61 sell queue reached a certain level, they ate up them up again. This is very pro. BBs give ppls the impression that there were many 61 sellers. But during matching, we can see they show their true colour by putting out 2k+ lots to make sure it don't close at 60. I believe they have collected enough lots at 60-61, and today likely be showtime. Watch out.

$Polaris(5BI) - Yesterday I mentioned that 31 got 10k sell queue liao. Big sell queue can provide a reference on where the price may go. 31 is also the resistance. Yesterday morning the price suddenly moved too fast. I throw some at 31 because this is the last biggest queue and also the resistance. But another reason is that it moved too fast. This counter normally want to up one pip must take quite a while. When suddenly runs too fast is abnormal. When big lots were thrown down at 29. I follow to throw part of them again at 29. Later 29 buy queue slowly build up by retailers again(I said retailers because the lots add up in hundreds. Normally BBs for this counter will top up in 1000lots), then another big throw at 29. This time I throw all out. We must always take note of big lots thrown down. If this happen, better follow to sell. If BBs thrown 2-3 pips down at one go, sell immediately without hesitation.

$Terratech(40I) - Anyone who watch Terratech trading on Wednesday and Thursday will noticed that BBs place big lots at a certain price. Then they eat up their lots immediately. They do a rollover I believe. This happened on Wednesday at 183 and yesterday at 174. When happened after the rollover?. The price will drop. Bengkuang BBs likes to do this. Next time you all monitor yourself and see what happen.

Just some morning sharing. Huat ah!

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I wonder where is my post on APAC and Addval?. Cannot find. Anyway, $APAC Strategic(5RA) is a must try counter imho. Now 61 nobody want. Later all rush to buy Many retailers like to see it move then anyhow chiong.

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Bought $APAC Strategic(5RA) today at 61. This one got constant buyers keep coming in at 60 yesterday. 60 usually is hard to break previously. How can have buyers keep coming in to absorb. This time is special and worth a try. Also, $Addvalue Tech(A31) looked good to move. This is downtrend and holding very well yesterday. Today got volume some more. It may move within today or tomorrow. Let's see!

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