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Hi everyone, we've a new ebook for sale in our store!

This ebook, Guide to SG stocks 2017 is a compilation of openly sourced data on listed companies in SGX. Organised by industry and sector, guide to SG stock allows you to quickly understand how a company has been performing and what it does.

It was written by @TUBInvesting and @Simpleinvestorsg.

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Will the book come to late cos now Year 2017 left only 4 mths +


Reply to @thinkofstock : @Elliot: To both, I could agree with that and we will plan next year book to be release earlier a bit.

But releasing this book at this time could be the perfect timing too, cause the market is no longer very bullish like the 1st quarter. Retail investors could take more time to understand prior to investing.

If it was release on the first quarter, there may not be enough time for investors to react.

Nevertheless, both of your comments are noted. Thanks for the feedback.

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what is the content about?


Does that mean that there will be a new guide every year? Since it is called "Guide to SG stocks 2017".


Reply to @onlybuyneversell : Yes, that is our plan if there is a demand for it. The main purpose of this book is to consolidate the information into a single place for readers to quickly form a impression with an unfamiliar company.

We have included things we think that are revealing: Company performance, historical price, valuation ratio (PE, PB), return ratio (ROE, ROC), gross profitability trend as well as a simple analysis of assets.

Note: You can get all the information in this book on various website, you don't have to buy it! But we hope you do, because of the nice logos in this book.


Since I got some points to spare, just redeem for fun. LOL.


When @Simpleinvestorsg and I did up this book, we just felt that although the information can be found on internet. People can still miss out other potential good interesting company if they continue to use screeners. After all, there got be gems or "unknowns" as I call it lying around and you may miss it.


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