cash gg down a lot!


Reply to @Sporeshare : looking to add?

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Looks like CDG is being more cautious with the smaller increase in the interim dividend this time round, i.e. 0.1 cent increase as compared to the increases of 0.25 cents, 0.25 cents and 0.75 cents in the previous 3 years. But a small increase is still better than no increase!

And I'll have to agree with @Dividend_Warrior that the dividend payout is safe. CDG actually has more room to increase its dividend, but I am guessing the increases in dividends will be minimal in the next few years until their profits start to grow significantly again.


Reply to @3Fs : Yup, cdg probably wants to use vicom's cash horde to help tide them over these challenging times.

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will buy if got 2.00


Reply to @mj0101 : 2.22 was a good price

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