Based on my quick ad-hoc valuation calculation without any due regard to microeconomics factors and in-depth analysis, the value of SBS is about S$4.58. Aggrieved commuters can consider buying the stock and use the dividends to offset the fare increase. (Disclaimer: Post meant to be a half-hearted joke. Please dyodd and author of the post has no intention of going into the counter at the current moment)


Reply to @seba240698 : Thanks for filling in the blanks on this one. Personally, I have not begin tracking this counter as it is rather asset heavy. Nothing against the counter really, just a personal preference but never say never.

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today can go hiking liao


Every thing go up.salary no up..
Later gst.up 2%.
Is not 2%.
Is every thing go up 8 to 10%.
The poor will be more poorer.for sure.


Reply to @bennylim22 : tiagong below 500k salary means chiu are mediocre people?

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