So I am fortunate enough to add more stuff into my portfolio this year. 

Being a student, I don't exactly have $ to trade other from savings and side jobs.
Bills and school fees are just like loan sharks ?

Obtained NetLink from IPO back in 2017 and have just been collecting dividends. Acquired MNACT and CMT several weeks ago. Used up dividends acquired from Netlink and SSBs to purchase YZJ and a little bit of CMT.? 

Current Stock Allocation 

NetLink NBN Tr38.98%
Mapletree NAC Tr 31.44%
CapitaMall Trust15.20%
YZJ Shipbldg SGD14.38%

Merry Xmas and hopefully next year portfolio total value can reach 5 digits ?
* I don't count SSB as part of my portfolio total value.

Huat ah!

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Nice Excel done up!


This is “financial education”. Extra module not taught in school. Only street smart student will explore it. No spoon feeding. Good job ?


Keep up the good work! How I wish I think like u when I was a student. ???


just curious, how much capital did you start with?


Very good liao, as a student... Many probably don’t have a portfolio like yours at this age, so well done there... I am perfectly sure that, with them and experience, your portfolio’s overall ROI will gradually improve... Keep going, I am perfectly sure you will make it very very far... ??


Reply to @studenTrader : You’re most welcome... and happy to hear that you like them... if there’s anything you need help in and think I can help, just feel free to let me know k? ?

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As a student very impressive liao


CMT = Commercial Reit?
MANCT = Industrial Reit?
YJZ = Industrial Goods?

I blur blur

But good to start early


Reply to @studenTrader : i can only say SGX is full of errors lol

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You bought 94 shares here, 2000 shares there. So how much do you pay for the brokers' commission?


Reply to @SSJ4 : @studenTrader ah right thanks for all your clarifications

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Time is your best friend, all the best.

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