Bought another 10k shares today at 0.74. Good news is that RMB is going up after the trade agreement.


Reply to @Pizzaprata : I believe this underdog currency will outperform this year.


2 of their top directors recently left. something fishy. there is risk in their high yield markets dont give free stuff so easily


Reply to @koloiewo : I don't think either were directors.

The company secretary, Mr Victor Lai Kuan Loong, left in August and was replaced by Ms Josephine Toh.

The Chief Financial Officer, Tng Chin Hwee, resigned in December.


SGX Institutional & Retail Fund Weekly Flow Tracker
(Week of 30 December 2019)

Net institutional sell
EC World REIT BWCU (3.9)

Retail Net Buy
EC World REIT BWCU 4.1


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