$Old Chang Kee(5ML.SI) One of the very first criteria when I shortlist a list of companies to possibly invest in is that, the business should be one where I can understand. Old Chang Kee is one company where its business is easy to understand - it is the maker of the famous curry puff, where it has outlets sprinkled all across Singapore.

Next, I will dive in to look at the company's financial results, debt profile, along with dividend payouts - to make sure that the company has displayed growth in its top- and bottom-line over the years, not overly leveraged, and at the same time, able to at least sustain their current dividend payout in the near-term - all of which I will be looking at in my write-up about the company today.

Not only that, I'll also be sharing some simple technical analysis about the company's share price movements over the years, along with my personal opinion of the company's growth prospects in the years ahead.

Hope you'll find my write-up today useful... :)

On a side note, I will be taking a short break from Thursday (12 December), till Sunday (15 December) to celebrate me and my wife's 10th wedding anniversary. I'll be back with more write-ups when I'm back in front of my computer next week... Till then, I wish everyone a great investing/trading week ahead!

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The net profit is so low... not worth it..


Reply to @Wind22i : cash flow more impt. which leads to the dividend.

sometimes no. can be deceiving

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Well, it's Curry O never fails me...


Reply to @WK888 : Yeahhh... its one of my favourite curry puffs... ?


Thank you for your great work through the years ?


Reply to @quekdon : You’re most welcome bro! ?


Thanks for sharing..
Happy 10th anniversary ah


Reply to @dolcegoh : Wow... nice! Happy wedding anniversary to you and your spouse... Have a wonderful day celebrating this special day belonging to the two of you... ?

Mine is on Friday actually, just that we are starting our holiday tomorrow...

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Anyone been to its agm? Got free currypuff? ?


Reply to @leewe : yum yum... hehe!


this used to be on my watch list but I removed it, cant remember why.

after reading your report on this company, I think it would make more sense for their announcement of plans to expand or improve before diving in. unless you're looking to invest in a stagnant company and taking dividend without much growth, I think should avoid.

thanks for sharing btw, appreciate it.


Reply to @soyabeanprata : Thanks for sharing your opinions there bro... Appreciate it.

Yes, I agree with you on what you've said about the management's plans on how they intend to further expand their business moving forward... I'm looking forward to reading their annual report for FY2020 after the end of the 4th quarter on 31 March next year...


Always enjoy reading your write-ups. Thanks a lot xiao shifu. Congrats to you and your wifey on your 10th wedding anniversary! You guys deserve a great hols


Reply to @vvan : Wow... thank you so much for the nice words... I really appreciate it... and thanks for your wishes on my upcoming wedding anniversary with my wife... yeah, a good opportunity to take a short break, relax, unwind, refresh my mind... and get back to more writing when I'm back... :)

Will still check in to the forum there and then while I'm overseas, but not as often as when I am in SG... So my replies may be delayed... :)


I always like your analyzes a lot
very detail, can feel a lot of effort put in
keep it up


Reply to @MasterLeong : Thanks for the compliments bro... I like your write-ups a lot as well - have learned a lot from them... You too, keep your shares coming too... Cheers! :)


Thanks, have a good time with your wife


Reply to @MasterLeong : Thanks so much bro... I will... Needed a break badly... An a good opportunity to do so... Will still check on the forum there and then while I'm away, but my replies will be delayed... :)


It is a hard to go wrong, and hard to go up stock.


Reply to @semifirefish : yeah... agree with you that it is a bit illiquid... but the dividend yield in my opinion is pretty decent... company should be able to continue to maintain their current 3.0 cents/share of dividend payout in the near-term...

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