(And still firing!!!)

Since last week, TTI has been secretly firing proton cannon. Yes, again.
I say secretly cos liquidity and vol is low, and it just so happens the company is doing buybacks now, so literally its competing with me.
So Ive to cut up my orders into small bite sizes and slowly accumulate.

I always say its ridiculous to think one can move the markets unless u got really deep pockets...
But because this has low liquidity and little attention, yes, I am literally moving the share price since last week, together with the company.
On some days, both of us (the company itself & TTI) account for almost 100% of the vol.

Today alone, I account for 1/3 of the entire volume.

Someone in the top 20 SH list is also here and we've been talking privately.

Will put up an estimate or post, together with my rationale and substantiation of my positions soon. Maybe tom or wed.
But this time, Id prob just make it visible to followers only (to avoid weirdos coming into my thread and 扫兴)

And yes.
Its on SGX.

Should be big huat when Im done.

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Wah seems like everyone so huat here. Hope all remember to put on big boy pants yah. not vested. Waiting for TTI to put his analysis up. Always very interesting to read. And can learn a lot from it.


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : I slow, must hint directly by spelling out the stock. ?

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Ended work and just wrote my long grandmother story on what transpired and some of my thoughts.
Private post to followers.

Im outta this thread


1.2m volume well done guys. am surprised by the sheer power here.


Supported today at price 0.405 but high price I know. Good luck and Huat together bro


hope huat together.. thanks for sharing @thumbtackinvestor ? do you have any target price?


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : thank youuuuu noted.. i think i know what u mean ?

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why not ask yourself, with price up so much, why noboby willing to sell?


Reply to @Opportunist : no need congrats or apologize. we are here to enjoy playing share and make money only

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TTI won't be summon to MAS to limkopi meh ?

Please keep us updated


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : pretty much the most epic comment so far.

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team IN huat together. just keep on buy and sell.


damm scary tti alone make the share fly so high. if he dump all follower will burn like hell.


Reply to @Jej2609 : next time all IN ppl must follow TTI. all Huat together :)


Just sharing, i remember that company cant do share buy back at prices higher than 5% of past 5 days avg closing price. the company have no way to do buy back for next few sessions liao i guess since price went up too much.

so today alone the price movement is purely and totally from people here..... crazy shit man.


Reply to @Opportunist : yes, its not buyback anymore.
its really market demand

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