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Merger of $FLT(BUOU.SI)and $FCOT(ND8U.SI) is confirmed. No raising of new cash thru rights. Good news is that FLT’s base currency will be changed from aud to sgd. hope this will solve the fx issue as now sgd will be ref for performance. sponsor Fraser is offloading 50% of its business park (the other 50% is held by fcot).

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Not bad to buy at 1.63/1.64, april then merge, still can collect dividend first for Q1 2020 then merge :D


Should I sell FCOT @ 1.7 and buy back 1.24 for FLT in 1000 rather than having odds shares in the end, odds share usually can only be sold at lower price in the unit share market.


Reply to @KH8006 : the max odd lot you can have is 99 units. suppose the unit share market price is 1.22 ( i think it won't deviate too much from the normal price based on my experience with oue merger) and normal share price is 1.24, you lose $1.98 (1.24-1.22 = 0.02 x 99 = $1.98). No cause for alarm ba?

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I like the merger (AREIT #2 in the making), but i dislike the valuation FCOT is being raided. Selling FCOT @ 1.03 nav, 6% yield, 30% gearing in exchange for FLIT @ 1.3book, 6% yield, 35% gearing is unfair to the former.


Reply to @leewe : i dont know what to say... so long after picking up FLI shares, FLT continue to fly, i am happy. ha.

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I don't think it is a good idea to merge. At it is now, we can see specialisation of various REITs by different group of executive/manager. Logistic and Industrial has their knowledge & experience focuses and it is separate for focuses on commercial REITs.


Reply to @tanyewhock : The question we need to ask ourselves is do we want to see another AREIT in the making...

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What is FLIT div payout frequency post merger? Qtrly or half yrly?


Reply to @leewe : Hanor Hanor. Agm last year morn got buffet eat. This year afternoon no buffet eat. :x

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Is it better to sell FCOT than ending up with odd shares of FLT?


Bt writeup on the merger (page 1 of 2) @joshosaurusrex


mr market is crazy one gg


Reply to @joshosaurusrex : Im more concern about how the new entity will address the issue of (1)loss of dpu thru fx risk, (2)availability to receive drp in units, which is related to the odd lots arising from this exercise, (3)change in board of directors, will chairman of fcot be in the new board.

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Frasers Com Tr (SGX: ND8U)
-0.060 (-3.51%)

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$FCOT(ND8U.SI) agm today. ATP and China Sq Central aei both completed with substantial revaluation gains. ATP alone added 140million as firepower, available for capital distribution, to top up n smooth out regular distribution if needed. New signing rent after aei is also up. About merger with FLT, Special thanks to mr vincent n mr hendry for pointing out our concerns. Basically (1) we r not too happy about the offered share swap pricing. It is based on traded price, rather than valuation. FCOT at 4% while FLT over 30% premium. (2) we do not want to loose the good responsible managment n board of fcot. (3) fcot is based on real value creation thru organic growth, while flt is based on buy/sell trades of properties. (4) fcot shareholders had endured risk thru the period of aei and now flt wanto come in to steal our fruit. On lighter note, the makan index is 4 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟. U can see for yourself the stark difference between fcot n $FLT(BUOU.SI)in the picts attached

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Flt egm. Marginal dpu improvement with lessen risk in other metrics (wale, ave cost of debt, etc). Makan was Bento fried rice with ikan bilis, fish, chicken, vegi, mushroom. Dessert is custard puffs. Got standard. Nice. Btw for those who still hoping for them to do rights issue, u can unfreeze your funds and redeploy them leow. Coz fundings for this deal was already settled.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI)

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