Thanks for sharing, appreciate your hard work.


Very valid points! Like your detailed step by step. Thanks for sharing! Would say once investors have mastered a stockpicking method, or its left is to train the mindset. To accept 5% tolerance level abit on the low side, 10% still OK. Mr Market sometimes new very kind to share price for no reason, must be able to stomach short term pain if rlly believe price will rise because of fundamental.


Great sharing on fundamental and technical analysis of stock investment. I would like to add that in portfolio risk managment, it is key to set a stop-loss limit of 1% or at most 2% of your overall portfolio value. Say you have $100K spread over 10 stocks of $10K each. For 2% stop-loss, you can risk at most $2K from your portfolio, or at individual stock level, at most 20% of $10K.

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