Bunny must b jin happy. today, AngKuKwei Singtel bankai! 😆 will it be PandanCake’s turn next?


Reply to @ljunyuan : So touched by bro @ljunyuan @leewe for the sarpok... carrot juice for you .. basically i stunned like a vegetable 🥕

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OMG! 38m done today . . .up 7c to 3.33
what's happening?


Reply to @ochartist : Yesterday closed tweezers bottom..which is generally a good sign but seriously not prepared for the great bounce..
will it hit 4.08 by year end??? hmmm...


If one like the business & is investing for the long term, ignore short term share price fluctuations. If it's a solid blue chip, it would reward you for your faith & patience....🙂

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