Congrats Bunny . . . your post has reached 23.4k readership liao . . .
Kopisoh said SingTel is one of the young bull that has started the new 10--year cycle . . .
There are not that many yet . . .


Reply to @ochartist : lol...seriously I wasn't really paying attention to the readership number...
thanks for chiming in... :)



Maybank Kim Eng revised target price to $3.72 wor...can trust???
This analyst smart...wait for the all the dust settled then give opinion and TP so no need to scramble to flip prata within few days...


Reply to @ljunyuan : I see... 👀

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Today, breakaway gap spotted with high volume ( more than 50 million shares) transacted. It covered the gap at 3.43 convincingly and closed at 3.46 resulting in a long green candle.
At first, I thought it will be an exhaustion gap and was worried it may closed as a shooting star but it didn't.
It looks likely to trend higher in the direction of breakout and it seem to want to go back into the accelerated trendline zone.

Do note that 4 white soldiers had formed and looked like a flag pole pattern might be forming. It may issue a breather before it can propel further up.
Next up, it may test the previous resistance level at 3.55. Be nimble as always.


Reply to @Spinning_Top : all the best to you on this one bro! huat ah! :)

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