Five Tech/Hardware Stocks Amongst Last Week’s Most Active 50

* Together, $AEM(AWX.SI), $UMS(558.SI), $FFrencken(E28.SI) , $Valuetronics(BN2.SI) and $Hi-P(H17.SI) averaged 7% gains last week, bringing their combined average 2019 YTD total return to 82% (median 74%). Globally, the largest 100 stocks by market value across the same industries have generated a 40% median YTD total return.

*Together the five Singapore stocks averaged a combined S$43.62M a day in turnover last week, up from S$21.97M a day in the first 10 months of 2019, and up from S$18.62M a day in 2018. Combined net institutional inflows for the five stocks is S$140 million in the 2019 YTD.

*The four of the five stocks that reported YoY profit growth for the recent Sept Quarter saw their turnover surge last week - results ranged from Frencken’s net profit +113% YoY, to Hi-P’s net profit -3% YoY. AEM, UMS & Valuetronics averaged +23% YoY net profit growth for the Quarter.

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Wah sgx guru also here. Welcome ?


Reply to @shirleytoong : Whoever can get access to the privilege market data can be considered a guru.

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Geoff_Howie - Singapore’s Key Technology Stocks Average 23% YTD Total Return

Recently heavily traded Technology companies listed on SGX have included $Venture(V03.SI), $AEM(AWX.SI), $Hi-P(H17.SI), $Frencken(E28.SI), $UMS(558.SI) & $Valuetronics(BN2.SI). Five of the six companies have recently reported earnings, with Valuetronics to report on 29 May.

Technology stocks have led stocks in multiple financial centres in the 2019 YTD. The above six companies, in addition to $NetLink NBN Tr(CJLU.SI), averaged a 23% total return in the year thus far, following 23% declines in 2018 and all six companies booking triple digit gains in 2017.

On a cumulative basis, the largest of the technology stocks, and a constituent of the Straits Times Index (“STI”), Venture has paid out over S$2.0 billion in dividends since its public listing in 1992.

Recent expansionary initiatives amongst the companies include new product launches, expanding operations over more countries, providing test services to 5G products, diversifying into broader engineering services and strategies to move up the value chain.

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Latest SGX My Gateway Report - available here
$Venture(V03.SI) $Hi-P(H17.SI) $Silverlake Axis(5CP.SI)

Venture Corporation ("Venture"), Hi-P
International ("Hi-P") and Silverlake Axis ("Silverlake")
are the three companies with the largest market capitalisation within
Singapore's Technology Sector. Price swings of the three stocks have been
synergistic with the Sector, averaging a 25% rebound in the 2019 year through
to 22 Feb, following declines in 2018. In the latest earnings run, Venture
reported net profit of S$370.1 million for FY18, Hi-P reported net profit of
S$100.9 million for FY18 while Silverlake reported profit after tax
attributable to shareholders of RM 125.5 million for its 1HFY19. For the 2019
year through to 22 Feb, the three stocks have been recipient of a combined
$28.2 million of institutional inflow. 
The Return on Equity ("ROE") and Price-to-Earnings
("P/E") ratios of the three companies are currently consistent with
five year averages. On the latter, P/E ratios of the largest technology stocks
across Developed APAC typically trade at 17x-18x earnings.

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Trading Activity in Technology Stocks Soars

* The 19 June trading session saw $Venture(V03.SI) as the fifth most actively traded company with S$91M in turnover. $AEM(AWX.SI), $Hi-P(H17.SI), $UMS(558.SI), $Creative(C76.SI) & $Valuetronics(BN2.SI) also ranked in the top 40 companies by turnover.

*These stocks make up six of the 10 largest capitalised Technology stocks listed on SGX that generated a median decline of 8% in the 2018 YTD, following median gains of 93% over 2017. The SIPMM Electronics Cluster PMI is now at 52.3, down 0.9 from the end of 2017.

*Technology is touted as a key driver of U.S. growth. The Trump Administration estimates 5G will potentially create up to 3 million new American jobs and generate US$500 billion a year in economic growth. This is akin to a 2.5 percentage point increase in U.S. GDP.

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