The Trading Tournament Final Round is now LIVE!

With the end of the Elimination Round, the spotlight is now on the TOP 10 traders who will be moving on to the Final Round, from now till 29th Nov 2019.

Vote here for your favourite trader & win an apple watch → →

@Stockcham @shirleyfam @gangel @wancheehoong @zhengjiekelvi @tayboonchye @trevoseloo @DarelleKhoo @michaelo @luxcan!

These are Top 10 traders will compete against each other based on their trades AND popularity.

Each trader will be starting with fresh virtual capital of $100,000.

There will be 2 categories of winners for this round: ULTIMATE WINNERS + PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU AS A SPECTATOR: LUCKY DRAW + You get to decide which trader is the People's Choice! Cast your vote for your favourite trader amongst the top 10 and stand a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 5 worth $600!

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The ULTIMATE WINNERS (based on performance): The top 3 traders with highest portfolio returns will win prizes. A minimum of four trades for each participant is also required to be the top 3 traders.

The PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER (based on popularity): One trader with the most votes during this round, will win $1,000 and the People’s Choice Award. The scenario where a trader is both the People's Choice Award Winner and also the 1st Prize winner, is possible!

Prizes to be won
1st Prize: $4,000
2nd Prize: $2,000
3rd Prize: $1,000
People's Choice Award: $1,000

We'd like to thank everyone for participating and making the SG Active Trading Tournament the BIGGEST Trading Tournament in Singapore ever with more than 2,000 participants!

Good luck to the TOP 10 Finalists for the tournament, may the best traders win!

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I want rematch. hahaha


Reply to @TiKongKia88 : can rematch AH?!


congrats to all. I think its really fun and exciting during these weeks. i think everyone is a winner in terms of trading experience already :)


I have closed shop. Congrats the top 3 winners. Great job. For those who did not win, I think you all have already done a good job to be in top 10. I already supported all of you with my vote. Next time got such competition we play again ok. Quite fun...?


Reply to @DarelleKhoo : Yes, I can totally relate to how you feeling when you are leading. Quite exciting match, hope we can compete again in future :)

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last day to vote....


This competition taught us that it is not easy to make money in the markets....haha.. so far only 6 out of the top 10 have made from their $100k capital put in...


Reply to @DarelleKhoo : i remember day 2 your profits is good enough to shake leg already. That kind can start to buy champagne and get ready to pop..but....

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Wishing the top 10 traders in this simulation ..all the best..regardless you win the top prize or are already the best already. Cheers!


Reply to @Stockcham : Your avatar only 牛头need to add in 马面 also. Keke.

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Reply to @lynlynnakamori : Thanks, doing my best to catch up!


The game is getting excited now.


Oh my gosh! I'm still at the bottom...machiam in Hell Level Must start praying liao... Lol.


Reply to @terrylim2 : You are right. The cham is really what you said. It's a reminder to myself to trade carefully not like last time lose so cham. The cham in my nick is not champion like most ppls thought. If it is then it is stockchamp liao. ?

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The current situation is an unsure direction market trend, it could be up or down unpredicted.

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