$Raffles Medical(BSL.SI) Cut loss today. You can see from the sequence of events how stupid I am. I might as well be honest about it. Since I lost money on this, I have to learn the lesson well, if not I might as well throw the money down the drain. Either I make money or I become better. No two ways about it. From here, I revamped my whole system to manage my trades better and keep track of it. That will make my mistake more worthy.

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Short covering liao.


Reply to @zzzzzz : next wk cont lor probably


What is the reason for the shorting?


Selling a little overdone


Reply to @JeremiahYeo : Technical rebound soon?


Goodness... $1.10 already!


You are a winner... there is no bottom for this counter...


Raffles Med I will not touch unless a after prolonged downtrend. Reason being this stock went up steadily for too long supported by investors buying on blind faith that heathcare is a sure bet. Its overseas expansion also pose a risk of overexpansion. 80 cents may consider to start vesting again


Reply to @jonathanliau : The conversation btw the two of u guys quite funny.

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Example for japfa when all buy, I buy too make 3rounds also. When price go down all sell, I still waiting for it to see how low they can go. Strong cash flow don't need to worry, unless speculate it.


Reply to @poorboyjudson : that really depend. TA player see the wait as opportunity cost. So really depend wat kind of player is in the stock.

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why sell, wait for some rebound then avg up you still make then loss so much now.


Why get money stuck. Better to buy at uptrend ?


I am very careful with stock with high valuation. I will touch only I can see its growth plan with some degree of confidence. With our high cost Singapore can only attract the very rich foreign patients.

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@rhodry1983 Bro, take note of $Raffles Medical(BSL.SI). Left is daily, right is weekly. The daily is showing a possible bullish divergence. It is still showing that the divergence is valid, but I really hate this kind of setup. The distance between the prices of the two lows are too far apart...that and the weekly makes me jittery. Want to know your opinion on this.

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daily and weekly bullish divergence

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