Why those aiming EHT when HK reits are trading so cheaply in term of quality assets.


Sean: [00:19:24] How big is your guys asset portfolio now?

Jerome: [00:19:27] So we just actually did a transaction where we sold six of our hotels to a public REI in Singapore for 250 million for the six hotels. I&rsquo ve been gradually selling the hotels since 2017 just because I have a feeling timing is right and I just don&rsquo t want to hold onto too much risk as we get later on in the cycle. But anyway, so we just sold six. We only have three hotels left in the portfolio which you know, the three hotels are about 150 million, put it like that.


Reply to @MasterLeong : 20cent will come eventually. Its just a matter of time. Yes hospitality reits r very cyclical and volatile. Thats y i never like to keep them in my portfolio

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