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Personally thinks Taxi about do to a reversal. Maybe after this post then it decides not to. lol
Testing another MT estimate. Price could be range bound at current range for a few days before breaking up. Cheers

Repost with right estimation period: 5-6 months 

TA Update:

Shall inject some hope since this poor thing is getting neglected. First look, uptrend channel still intact from daily chart. In fact right now I would consider boat is back since it is in the demand range of the uptrend channel.
From an Idiot Wave POV,
W2: Did deep correction (>50%) of W1.
W3: Did a 261.8% extension of W1
W4: Did a flat correction (<50%) of W3
W5: Should do just a 61.8% extension of W3. 

I would expect limited downside as indicated in my SL level and the uptrend should continue. 

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TA included in post to inject hope. haha


Congrats to the brave ones. huat la!


Reply to @TiKongKia88 : Entered abit at 2.33!!!😊 😊 😊


Ai seh, 2.33.


Fall below $2.20, can buy to trade. Sell above $2.40 (after collecting dividend while waiting)


In case somebody needs SS vol tracking. Please take note this F.O.C service is intermittent.


This is going to be a bit challenging to make s correct call. I will probably buy at 2.25-2.30 range very soon


Reply to @Bobbilipuli : hah precisely challenging that's why I like to make an estimate.


The businesses are still intact. just not much growth. Dividend grew for the past few years. cost well controlled. PE a bit high. with share price dropping, now a bit better. wait and see for a few days.


Reply to @mycombo : lol i think i stay low key better.

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Hi Guys,

It has been about 6 months since I last shared my TA on SG tech stock so perhaps it's time to share again! haha

Quick Summary: Next trading day (04/11/19) should be exciting since AEM last ER (01/11/19) is quite positive. One might see bullish movements across the SG tech sector. On the other hand, I see limited upside in the short term from my TA perspective. SG tech counters have already made a good rally in Oct'19 and they are at their respective supply zones and resistances. You may refer to the respective TA below.

$AEM(AWX.SI). Currently testing resistance of uptrend channel, it made a small correction to the demand zone (orange) zone when it first hit the resistance and now it's back testing it again. 

$Hi-P(H17.SI) Price was rejected from the supply zone before the ER as it was simultaneously testing the uptrend-support-turned-resistance. Currently still hovering at near the supply zone/resistance. Last rally could be W3 though. 

$UMS(558.SI) Completed a 5-Waves downtrend and possibly a 5-Waves uptrend. At the moment I see last rally as W3 which should nicely end at the supply zone in red or the 261.8% extension of W1. Prolly W4 will take some time till Pre Xmas and period and then we should see a W5 pump upwards. ER should be latest 14th Nov. 

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) I guess this champion would be the most predictable of all if you have seen its ranged pattern. As seen from the TA, price would enter the green zone before going up to the red zone and etc etc. Recently rejected by the supply zone and resistance. Will this time be different? Hah

A little bonus (Non SG Tech Stock)

$ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) Taxi should be consolidating in current range for a few days before continuing the uptrend. At least the RRR still acceptable from my pov. Made an estimation on the TP and holding period at https://www.investingnote.com/posts/1688400


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