Thanks for the balanced analysis unlike The Edge’s one sided article. I find this issue to be a bit of an overblown hoo ha to be honest.

I am guessing Keisler can’t sit back and shake his leg upon getting Pribonic’s report on his table. As for Pribonic, anyone who has conducted inspections or audits will know the person inspecting/auditing will try to find as many issues as they can to show that great work has been done. Even if nothing much can be found, also must dig dig dig until got something to write. Not that I doubt Pribonic’s report but I am pretty sure he was being overzealous.

The upcoming financial results over the next few quarters will determine whether this Eagle soars or sinks.


Thanks for this detailed review of the situation


Wondering how good is those hotels added in this reit.


Reply to @CoryLogics : For this ipo price, can't expect to include entire chain ba? Who knows they might have more under their umbrella but not included in this reit.

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