$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI)

To date, the 4th quarter's worst performing REITS. Qtr to qtr, it has dropped 18.65 %

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Can the sick eagle get well and fly again?


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Featherless eagle will Need a drone to fly again. Or may remodel as a cyboc eagle

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$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI)

Still not out of the woods yet; its just a technical rebound.

Your call, your$


Alchemist aka bo chap

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$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI)

This eagle has consumed too much brooklax chocolates and now must poo.poo.poo.pooo

Lowest done: 0.42, highest done 0.46!

Fortune favours the brave!

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$$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI)

Daily updates. Many investors/speculators/punters know that in a trading day when the stock closed below its opening price, it is not a good sign. However, when a stock closed above its opening price all would view it positively , unless one is a "katek"

But how many know that when a stock closed below its opening on the first trading day of the week, month, quarter or year, it is also not a good sign? To be in a bullish mode, the stock has to close above its opening price, be it the first trading day of the week, month, quarter or year

Attached is a self-explanatory chart showing the opening price (green horizontal lines) for the respective quarters. Is it bullish or bearish?. Its bullish if it continues to stay above its opening price but not otherwise and vice versa.

Has the stock bottomed out now so that one can go long safely? It remains to be seen.

Your$, Your call.

Please DYODD

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$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI)

0.475 done! Just 1dering where will be the bottom. Likely to have a strong rebound soon.

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$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI)


Is it coming so soon? Anyone wants to average down some more? Now is the time to do so?

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