Let's do a poll. How many of you will buy from Amazon prime SG and will reduce spending at local retailers like giant NTUC cold storage giant shengsiong prime supermarket ?

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but they dun have offer like 2 milk for 5.65, etc

2 milk = 2 x 3.30 :(


Reply to @layers : be selective then. don't need to buy everything from one place right
buy those bulky ones online . those lightweight just buy from cheaper sources lor


For fresh poultry, fish and vegetables ...... ntuc, sheng siong, giant are alright. However, they are all losing their competitiveness with other products that you can find in online stores such as Qoo10, Lazada, ezbuy, redmart, AND now Amazon Prime. Coupled with all sort of coupons and discount, brick and mortar supermarkets pale in comparison in regards to pricing.


Reply to @scwork : I think it would be better for SS and Amazon to have a business partnership on its Prime Now offering like how Amazon UK partners with Morrisons for its own Prime Now service. Levering on SS local knowledge and fresh food offerings with Amazon's logistics and consumer data.


I would use Prime Now if they really can deliver within 2-hours as especially for weekend delivery when people are home and the goods are heavy (like milk, beverages, fruits...etc).

The time it takes to head out to a nearby super market, do your shopping, queue to pay, wait for bus and ride home, might cost you anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Price wise, they generally quite competitive in most areas except for thier fresh meats which HonestBee is cheaper.

So Amazon's 2 hour same day delivery service is quite a compelling reason to use them. I downloaded the app and will test out their service this week.

More on my thoughts on Prime Now and some comparison of groceries prices:


Reply to @HK1_888 : Yeah... thats true! Lots of stuff to carry, terrible experience up the bus! Plus taxi cost would also cost something anyway...

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dun forget ntuc link pts


Reply to @HK1_888 : oldies will stick to them lor

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I don't do grocery shopping, but if there's a promo and I can get some thing cheap off amazon, I will do it


I felt it's the age demographic expectation . Older age don't mind spend some time with love ones doing shopping at NTUC...


Reply to @2V_ : you will probably know how heavy it is to carry the rice sugar can food meat and walk under the hot sun or if u drive looking for.parkinf is a headache

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I feel that Singaporeans will continue to buy fresh food from NTUC and Sheng Siong. Perhaps the detergent, maggi noodles, etc... from Amazon if it is cheaper.


Reply to @TraderJedi : confirmed cheaper
ntuc needs u to buy 2 or 3
why would I need so much


see where price low, buy from where :)


Reply to @Jimes : ok den u pay $40 for what was originally worth $120

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nah, like a guai bei bei , I still like to see, touch, try and feel the physical items before purchase esp food items..


Reply to @2V_ : Ya, the shop say I use $5 discount and everyone get the same stock etc etc... that the last time I use that service lol.

Anyway Neighbourhood mama shop also deliver to my hse , support local :)

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just ordered a 10kg rice and other stuffs. Quick delivery . Rice cheaper than Ntuc. Quite surprised about this


Reply to @Fries : how much is the price
actually thai rice has high gi
should switch to baspati much better

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