Something nostalgia...Found this while spring cleaning today.
I obtained my CDP account 26 years ago to get the Group A Singtel share at $1.90. $SingTel(Z74.SI)...

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Looks like cannot bring to CDP... Only can sell..


[Help Needed] I thought I already extracted all the shares out from my parents CPF into their brokerage... (already done) But when I went to check in their CPF today, they still have SingTel shares under SDS...

1) Can bring out of CPF into brokerage account?
2) I see CPF website say can sell via Post Office or Brokerage Account... Anyone know how for the latter?


SingTel ipo in Nov 1993 26 years ago and its market price dropped from a high of $4.8 to a low of $3.5 within 2 months . . . that translate to $8.02 and $5.35 at today’s $

i.e. those people who bought at the market during ipo will suffer a loss at today price due to inflation . . .


spinning rabbit is lao bunny liao!?


Reply to @layers : Never see this inside collection means still young. ??


if I invest 10lot at $1.90 for 26yrs .... what it worth today ???


Reply to @muhdhazman : 10 lot * singtel current share price


Wow... back then it was still called Singapore Telecom... 26 years ago I was still in secondary 1... playing soccer and computer games... and watching WWF! HAHA!


Reply to @ljunyuan : I havent even born... =P


Wow... Same age as me


lOl. wah lao jiao bunny~ ??


@leewe camping at 286 for the right price to come. I think ST dividend after one more year of fixed 17.5 cents it may go down to 10-14 cents if base on 60-75% payout policy on Net profit level. If net profit goes down to 2.8b, then dividend at 75% would be around 13 cents. If payout is base on 60% then at 2.8b net profit the dividend is about 10.2 cents. So your call you decide..


i always thought i am older. sorry boss. 26 years ago i barely know maths.


Reply to @kbl : Yeah but everyday haha

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Random chart musing (Singtel): Closing the gap



As I have mentioned before, Singtel stock price had started correcting since Mar 2015 and had bottomed in Jan 2019.

It started its ascent in Mar 2019 and quickly peaked at $3.56 somewhere in Jul 2019 before faltering.

If you plot the mid term trendline (1. Healthy trendline), you can see that the candlesticks are still in uptrend zone. There had been another attempt to ascend in Oct 2019 but 1 day before the Q2 result (14 Nov 2019) was due to be released, it started falling.

It fell under the (2.Accelerated trendline) meaning the short term mini bull run may have ended. This could indicate some insiders knew some bad news might be coming.
After the news that Singtel incurred a loss of $668 million, the next day (15 Nov 2019), the stock price gapped down but still hugging the 200DMA.

On 18 Nov 2019, it opened higher than the previous day closing price and closed at previous day opening price and still hugging the 200 DMA giving the indication that a possible reversal could be in place and the short sellers should take note as it did not result in a falling knife formation. The bears did not want to give up and attempted to press down the price again on 19 Nov 2019 but this time it was not able to press down as low as on 15 Nov.
On 20 Nov 2019, a long candle with exceptional high volume ( 42 million shares transacted) closed the gap at $3.27.

The rise in price was due to the news that India telcos will raise the tariffs in the coming weeks.

Will there be continued upside? Well, one has to watch the following sessions to determine, one should see that it might attempt to break resistance at $3.37 and $3.56.

Will one be able to see $2.86 in the near term? Unlikely.
If the candlesticks don’t breach the long term healthy trendline and support level at $ 3.08, worst case scenario, it will be range bound between $3.12 to $3.50.

Let see which analysts/research house (compiled by Edge on 19 Nov) will be correct in the weeks to come.

1. CGS-CIMB Research (Foong Choong Chen), TP = 3.60

2. OCBC, TP = $3.53

3. Philp Capital (Alvin Chia), TP =3.31

4. DBS (Sachin Mittal), TP =3.12

Vested, so my views might be biased. DYODD. Thank you for reading.

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Whose grandfather road ah???

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