5 Reasons Why Investors Should Consider Joining Stock/Trading Competitions

#1 You get to try out different trading strategies under actual market conditions without incurring cost or taking risk on your existing portfolio.

#2 Opportunity to learn from the best traders and investors in the competition, since in many cases, trades are transparent and available to all for scrutinising.

#3 Time-bound nature 'forces' you to take action for your own learning and development as a trader.

#4 Great opportunity to gain recognition in the trading community and expand your network by meeting fellow like-minded investors.

#5 Prizes for winning is pretty sweet.

Read More: https://dollarsandsense.sg/trading-stock-competitions-can-really-help-better-investor/

P.S. If these reasons make you excited for taking part in a stock/trading competition, do check out @InvestingNote's upcoming SG Active Trading Tournament 2019!

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1) possible good upside with no downside if you don’t spend too much time on it.

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