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Reply to @Spinning_Top : 阿 弥 陀 佛


If let’s say Sg youth are not allowed IG, FB, YT, what’s app n cut of internet access to outside world. Then the whole mkt suddenly flushed with fake products n doctored food. I think there will be protest also.


Reply to @layers : Life not fair lah. If fair we won't be hear see, and they over there act. Sometimes we must have empathy. Count myself lucky. So I do not want to be too quick to condemn.

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I agree with Shanmugan's view:

First, internal agencies are not the front-line solution for all problems, said Mr Shanmugam.
"They are a solution for tactical problems, but the problems (in Hong Kong) first of all start from politics, and the fundamental socio-economic issues," he said.
These issues cannot be dealt with by letting the police handle the protesters, he added.
"The responsibility starts with the government to get the basic issues right in society... If the fundamental issues are wrong, and 10,000 people go on the streets every day or every week, no police force I think can deal with it, including in Singapore," said the minister.
The second lesson, said Mr Shanmugam, lies in ministers taking responsibility in such situations, rather than the police.
Lastly, the Hong Kong unrest has shown that it is important to keep the public fully informed on what is happening, said Mr Shanmugam.
"Because if we leave an information void, the public will turn to unverified sources, rumours... It will happen anyway, but you've got to try and prevent it," he added.


Reply to @Hanzo : Kenna squeeze and attack frkm bkth side

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Pre-celebration with bonfires 🔥


Reply to @leewe : BBQ party


Pray for peaceful protest. No one benefit from violence.


Getting my popcorn ready for tmr! Protesters enter Beast Mode! LOL!


should just do it like Indon.. why give face?


Reply to @metalingus : Indonesia already got few deaths


Hk police said that it will be very very dangerous to riot on national day. Protesters probably read it as “i dare you ah LOL”

The protesters really deserve bullets and tank shells sia


Reply to @Hanzo : Western countries waiting lol

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