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This counter just started to move up. Looks like the uptrend will continue. Don't be surprise if there is a sudden big move to test 2 DMAs in a day. If have holding power can buy some to keep. This counter should be able to make good money.

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More to come bro! But think it will move faster once go above 20. Let's see! Huat ah!


Reply to @Stockcham : OMG, today morning open with 20% increase again, now at $0.021. You are God-like bro! Too bad I wast not vested. Now quite scared to jump onto the boat..


$Elektromotive(5VU) really moves now! with 20% increase.


Kum sia! That's why wait for volume. Volume come we follow. ..lol. Another super penny ICP...This can touch 20 soon. I asked abt this at another forum when it is 13.


$Elektromotive(5VU) not very liquid penny counter. Not too sure can jump so much, But sometime if BB come in , anything can happen ! Bro , Hope you big huat huat !


Someone send me an article saying got good potential....the article said...blah blah blah...derived value at 6.9 cts. Anyway, I use TA and price movement...see got potential for more upward move.


Reply to @shanison : Yes! Learn TA better. TA will tells provide sign of immediate movement or movement in the short term. FA is hard to predict. Some counters with good FA also don't move because BBs not interested.

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That's very good gain if can hit the TP. From the chart, it looks like it just starts to make V-turn.

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