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Let’s do something interesting...
I have come to realize that there are two camps of investors/traders here in terms of their thoughts about the current valuations of the all popular reits.
Let’s hear from the community how much upside or downside room in price do sg reits have from here to end of 2019.
Let’s hear from you!

Just to clarify.. GOLDEN REITS! Good ones that are backed by strong sponsors: Capitaland, Mapletree, Fraser, Keppel, Ascendas!

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Upside more than 10%
8 votes
Upside 5-10%
22 votes
-5% to +5%
41 votes
Downside 5-10%
14 votes
Downside more than 10%
5 votes
90 votes
Voting is ongoing

High yes, yet keep breaking new heights. DW laughing all the way to the “banks” with an s.


Reply to @Shien : DW don’t laugh to the banks. The banks laugh to DW.


there is another camp where i belong. i dont care at all about reits...


Just to test the water for interest here, I have found an overseas reit that pays monthly dividends. However, it is still baking in the oven as I feel it is not the time yet. Tentatively, the dough will most probably be fully baked towards the end of next year? Show of hands who is interested? lol


Reply to @WolfOfHougangStreet : Hi there, thanks for the recommendation. I have not taken a look at Eagle HTrust yet but will do so when I have the time. For this REIT which I have posted, I have not done much reading up as well and quite naively, the thought of receiving monthly dividends is quite enticing. However, I think I have done enough for the time being to think that it is not the time to go into this REIT yet.

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nowadays reits all doing rights issue, retail investors forced to buy more shares at all time high prices gg


Reply to @MasterLeong : Valuations for current price may be high, but haven’t factor in discounted shares from pref offering, and the P/B ratio probably isn’t very accurate now (I think most haven’t updated their book value from acquisitions yet). So effectively for the price paid, valuation would be a lot lower.

(don’t take it personally, just sharing my pov and thoughts about your statement)

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The thing about REITs is that you must always keep spare cash for Right Issue. Often come as a form of suprise. Dont subscribe = lugi


Reply to @MrWolf : just buy the etf lo, no need to subscribe

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As expected Reits going full gear with inorganic expansions. These two days we have kdc and mint. Many more coming. That’s the only way we will see more upside room opening up, but on medium to longer term basis. All the best.


Reply to @richdad : This round Confirm no leow

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I wont consider Keppel family REITs as golden reit. Just look at the latest acquisition... It is not as good as most think it is... Just do a bit of digging...


Let me Guess who voted the last option


Depend on which reit. Golden goose or “LJ” banana reits (which r somehow also popular)

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