Journal-ling the reaction when Dow Fell 800 Points
- Original Post from Investment Moats

This is a follow up to the last post I did when the volatility of the markets picked up. Not to cause panic but I want to see how different ETF for different asset classes do.

800 points do look like a lot and for a market like this you realize there are not a lot of 3% moves.

The 20 year US Treasury Bond ETF always look good in times like this. Very uncorrelated and moving up 2%.

Gold Holdings ETF
The Gold Miner Stocks

Gold miner stocks is quite insulated. Since they are equities, you do not know how they are going to react when equity markets move down. The correlation relationship might not always be similar.

US Dollar ETF

Finally the USD ETF is performing better.

Japanese Yen ETF

The Japan yen is rather muted compared to the Aug 8 period.

Volatility ETF does it’s thing when the volatility picks up.

3 times leverage S&P 500 ETF
3 Times Leverage 20 year Treasury ETF

The UPRO and TMF are suppose to be in a constantly re-balancing portfolio.

Emerging markets, is still rather correlated. It has been very depressing.


Lastly the REITs .

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