4.4 K

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI)
$RE&S Hldg(1G1.SI)

Still wonder why I let off MCT, till I catch it again... Support RE&S but Soft Shell looks no way near actual picture, disappointing ;-(

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Alright, who manages Paragon? Still dont believe why RE&S not performing.


Reply to @Dividend_Warrior : Report which outlet you going ah...

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Can buy a bit at current price. Then buy more if drop further.


Reply to @kc2024 : Limited bullets, need to decide where to park. MCT one of those.


So tempting! Now I feel like eating Jap food 🤣


this reit stock is great. it has everything. tourist spot. cinema. eateries. hypermart. plus it a harbour to other places.


Reply to @ralphseah : Hainz


Still very crowded at vivo. Hope to get this today. One hour to go.. Zzz...



Reply to @LFO : wa wasted the time leh u nv cont wait

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Yum yum
I am always in nex for ramen..
Yum yum...


The sashimi and 🍣 looks good!!


Reply to @opy : ichaban Mantai salmon better doh n cheaper

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Went to vivocity ntuc just now. Insane crowd.


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Went in for HKL after last nite decision 5.2
Took profit 541

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4.02 K

REITs Chart Update

- 2019 August 23
Correction continues. KDC, AReits continue to impress. The rest mixed. Added First. Bit too fast but never mind. Wont make major difference for long term.

I see hope to add few like MNAC, FLT next.

Still don't know what to do with AIMS, ESR.

You added any? Do drop by chit charts ;-)


$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - dropped back in. but i still see 153.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - gotta have lots of patients.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - bounced... then down again.

$CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI) - didn't expect it to bounce off Thick Black. supported by BBs?

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - not looking good even with a green week.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - broke several supports. broke Thick Black. broke my heart too. please don't break 1 dollar.

$Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) - part of the journey is to bounce...

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - pls don't do a Bullflag.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - first pink, then purple, now green. black next.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - the most stubborn, by far. still...

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - another breakout with volume. it last got near 200 wma in Dec 2016. Nearly 2 years liao.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - don't even need the purple. north it goes again.

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - alright! green then black please.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - hope is in the air.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - no pulse even after xD. got hope if stay below purple. 

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - it is heading south, still.

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73.7 K

No Chart Update 

- 2019 Aug 14 

Just sharing my observations. Please dont shoot... Trade with care.


Uptrend intact
$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - back testing long term support.
$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - looks to challenge 3.2 again.
$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - short term more south seen. mid term uptrend intact.
$Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) - more north likely.
$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - more north likely.
$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - short term at critical point. mid term uptrend intact.
$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - more north likely.

At verge of breaking
$CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI) - mid term broke 200wma, short term right on 200dma.
$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - going south.
$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - going south in near term.
$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - going south in near term.
$DBS(D05.SI) - i see 23...

Just broken
$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - back testing resistance, will not make it. likely more south.
$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - broken.
$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - i think broken.
$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - long winter confirmed.
$Japfa(UD2.SI) - long winter confirmed.

At critical point (north or south)
$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - mid term uptrend intact. short term closed below 200dma on xD. still got hope to rebound.
$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - 595 better hold.
$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - more south.
$AEM(AWX.SI) - short term bearflag.
$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - no pulse.
$PropNex(OYY.SI) - critical point.

Dead, again.
$UMS(558.SI) - long winter ahead.
$Venture(V03.SI) - 14.36 critical. likely not make it.
$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - shy away from support turned resistance. more south.
$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - at verge of more breaking.
$SingTel(Z74.SI) - gone for now.
$YZJ Shipbldg SGD(BS6.SI) - hmm... short north then more south.

Slow death in making
$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) - approaching critical support ard 1
$ThaiBev(Y92.SI) - slow death.

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22.5 K

REITs Chart Update

- 2019 August 09
Most finally soften and heading south. Gravity works, always. Corrected between 5-10% from recent peaks. I see more coming. Patience pays. But only if we managed to pick up some at the end, at our terms.
My wait continues...

$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - did well to back test long term resistance. should turn into support now.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - done her cycle but refused to back down. not even 288. power.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - short term weakness. should see purple, hope for green.

$CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI) - xDxR. I think her north journey is done in the short term.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - false break out above and now breaking down.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - at key support which will likely break on xD. Monitoring a dollar level.

$Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) - looks like selling started. history shows that thick Black not impossible.

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - rejecting 158. people still willing to pay for her. hmm...

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - she finally breaks down below 1.18 and having challenge going back up. I am waiting... 1.13 will be great for average up.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - i used to believe one can keep going higher and higher and never look back. not anymore.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - she has lots of ground to cover. but it will take time.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - there is a good chance my wait will have to continue. hainz.

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - done her cycle and heading south to find ground.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - gravity works, always.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - no pulse. let's see what happens after xD. 

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - heading south instead, can only see 2.85 but i am keen only at 2.58...

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62 K

Weekend Chart Update

- 2019 July 13
REITs edition - earnings near, I prefer to enter after results and likely after xD. Meantime, charts...

Also exited $AMAT (+7.7%), $MU (+13.7%), $BHC (+7%), and $TLRY (-7.4%). No time to manage and getting uncomfortable with markets.

Wish all have a great weekend, spend quality time with family. Be healthy, and be happy with what you do. Cheers.

Btw, my wish for price levels ;-) 

Notes: Blue - trend lines; Green - possible upside, resistance; Red - possible support.


$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - at resistance now. hard to imagine beyond 1.53.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - a giant monster. breached the peak in 2007 siah. looks like buying continues.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - nearly vertical, surely can't go on much further.

$CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI) - more upside possible but she needs to break that over 6-years old Blue resistance.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - holding well, making way back. Thick Black a challenge.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - she conquered 1.05 and continue recovery. takes time but looks promising.

$Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) - till she meets Thick Black again... 

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - she's looking for support, i wish for 1.5.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - looking to add around 1.18, 1.1.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - i don't believe my eyes... still waiting for her return.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - she went far too far.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - mid term cycle nearly complete, 2.38 as far as i can see. don't think she can do a "Best World".

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - possible for few more cents. like other Maples, mid term cycle should near completion.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - she's got bigger waves than her 3 other sisters. but with similar cycles. mid term completed.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - looks like there is an invisible ceiling at 80, can you see? divvy the driver behind the recent volume?

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - she got legs for 3.25 siah...

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opy started a poll
251 K

Rise Of REITs 

1H19 is pure madness for REITs. I am one of those that missed the boat. Though I am still holding counters such as $ESR-REIT(J91U.SI), $Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI), $AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI), $First Reit(AW9U.SI) and $Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI). Wish I have not exited on $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI), $Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI), and $CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI). Well, life goes on. 

They're flying like no tomorrow... A quick look shows my favorites have on average gone over 24% between 02 Jan and 05 July this year.

TA wise, most done their cycles. I see little upside in the short term. Only $ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI), I saw a Bull Flag pointing at 3.3 next. That's another 10%. Imagine what will be the yield like? Crazy is the only word I have. 

I downloaded a list of 747 counters in SG. Noted some data field are empty. And I am unsure how they calculated the yield e.g. TTM or based on 2018 exclude special etc. Yield for counters less than 12 months likely included only actual dividend to date.

Started playing with the data available. Filtered off counters less than 300m in Market Cap, less than 3% Yield, with negative Net Profit/ROE, and D/E more than 200%. With few exceptions here and there. 

Searching for REITs over 6% yield but found very few options. Of the SGD counters, I have First and ESR. Not really keen to add any of these at current price level.

Next for REITs with 4-6% yield, I noticed my favorites are quickly going down the list. Ascendas at 4.32, $Mapletree Log T(M44U.SI) at 4.36, and Mapletree Ind 4.41. My choices are very limited again. Eyeing on Frasers L&T and may be $Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI)

Looking further down to REITs below 4%. I can see my hope fading away... Keppel DC, $CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI), $Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI), $Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI), and ParkwayLife. Btw, I think $Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) will move up the list when full year dividend is available. 

It is not very encouraging when I am trying to build my portfolio around solid high yield counters. 

I turned to non REITs counters. Found few interesting ones with over 4% yield now like $DBS(D05.SI), $Frasers Property(TQ5.SI), $SingTel(Z74.SI), and $VICOM(V01.SI) among others.

More choices if I am willing to go below 4% yield. Counters such as $ComfortDelGro(C52.SI), $OCBC Bank(O39.SI), $UOB(U11.SI), $Jardine C&C(C07.SI), $SIA(C6L.SI), and $Sheng Siong(OV8.SI)

Many questions in my head. Should I:

- Start to accumulate anyway? 
- Wait for the long waited mega crash? 
- Buy other solid Blues with similar yield while continue to wait? 
- Trade for now while waiting for solid REITs to return? 
- Sit back relax eat popcorn watch show first? 

The biggest challenge and most interesting part of investment to me is - there is no one approach that fits all. I will have to continue explore and figure it out. What works best for my situation.

A long story on what's in my head trying to figure things out for myself. A mediocre as I am, my investment journey continues and as my snail-slow learning.

Do share your wisdoms generously, how you do your thinking? 

Readers and contributors to this post, wish you a very Huat 2H19. Cheers. 

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