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$Golden Agri-Res(E5H.SI) - Re-testing support again, in confluence with MA20. Looking for a bounce here to target the previous high.

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$Golden Agri-Res(E5H) - Maybe good news to those in the palm oil biz.


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$Golden Agri-Res(E5H.SI) - Trying to pull back but the volume is so weak. We may see consolidation to gather momentum before pushing again...

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$Golden Agri-Res(E5H.SI) - Recent data as of this writing, there's an 8.14M volume who have shorted amounting to a value of S$2.4M. If the counter move against them, there will be a price squeeze which could propel the price higher. Ditto if the counter moves the other way.

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$Golden Agri-Res(E5H.SI) - So what do you think of the parabolic rise of GAR? What is/was the catalyst and do you think it still has enough gas to power through? What I noticed though is that the food processing sector seems to be moving...

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$Golden Agri-Res(E5H.SI) Looks like the retracement is complete as the counter is now again showing strength and momentum. The 0.285 - 0.290 range has been a good area of support. Historical data from within the last 3 months shows that when it retraces and touched 50MA, a bounce follows after some consolidation period. So far, it is creating a higher-high and higher-low so this is in a clear uptrend. Looking to re-test the previous high.

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