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Weekend Chart Update

- 2019 July 13
REITs edition - earnings near, I prefer to enter after results and likely after xD. Meantime, charts...

Also exited $AMAT (+7.7%), $MU (+13.7%), $BHC (+7%), and $TLRY (-7.4%). No time to manage and getting uncomfortable with markets.

Wish all have a great weekend, spend quality time with family. Be healthy, and be happy with what you do. Cheers.

Btw, my wish for price levels ;-) 

Notes: Blue - trend lines; Green - possible upside, resistance; Red - possible support.


$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - at resistance now. hard to imagine beyond 1.53.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - a giant monster. breached the peak in 2007 siah. looks like buying continues.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - nearly vertical, surely can't go on much further.

$CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI) - more upside possible but she needs to break that over 6-years old Blue resistance.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - holding well, making way back. Thick Black a challenge.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - she conquered 1.05 and continue recovery. takes time but looks promising.

$Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) - till she meets Thick Black again... 

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - she's looking for support, i wish for 1.5.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - looking to add around 1.18, 1.1.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - i don't believe my eyes... still waiting for her return.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - she went far too far.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - mid term cycle nearly complete, 2.38 as far as i can see. don't think she can do a "Best World".

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - possible for few more cents. like other Maples, mid term cycle should near completion.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - she's got bigger waves than her 3 other sisters. but with similar cycles. mid term completed.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - looks like there is an invisible ceiling at 80, can you see? divvy the driver behind the recent volume?

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - she got legs for 3.25 siah...

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wah maplecom strong recovery now..long tail


Reply to @numberator : CMT and FCT too. In times like this, defensive retail reits are the safe haven


MINT 2.190
-0.070 (-3.10%)
Almost there already! 2.15 pls


Reply to @LFO : break 2.19 support. Can buy at the next support level! 2.13-2.15

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Who got what they want today? I queue for FCT at $2.53 and got it after lunch. Just want to round up my holding after the recent right issue.


Reply to @opy : Nice recovery. I didn't buy more. Damn it. lol

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queuing maple NAC 1.25!!


Reply to @numberator : you... steady!


More tariff, load more REITs... hainz


I see CRCT following MINT south and likely expedite right after xD. 6.29 cents gonna hurt the uptrend.


MNAC... hee, coming?


just curious... can I ask if you have considered getting $CLR s-reit etf since you are watchlisting a number of reits?


Reply to @Fishpok : all managed within the etf, no need to worry rights too. but less exciting compare to direct reits for me. also, last time got tax on etf. now dont know still tax. reits no tax as i understand. perhaps check with reits gurus.

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CWT... a potential issue waiting for MLT? Any view?

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My $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) Blunder
Have been eyeing at several REITs for a long time. I normally don't buy before xD or xR. As price typically drops beyond.
Made a huge mistake lately on AR. I will be fine as it is for long term hold. I won't be selling for next 10 years. But I could have done much better. At least from mental readiness perspective.
Note it down here for my reference.

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REITs Chart Update

- 2019 November 10

Heavy tops, double tops, lower highs, lower lows, huge Red caddles and some bearly holdin. I see weakness. All at the back of SemiC / Tech run-up. Looks like I will be busy next few weeks with my buckets. Cheers.

$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - did not make it to 153 and had a massive drop mid Oct. looks higher low to me.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - xDxR hurts, i see more to come, i see 2.5-2.6.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - broke thick Black, next 2.4?

$CapitaR China Tr(AU8U.SI) - waitin for it to break thick Black.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - watchin the Orange, weak.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - base looks formed waitin direction. hope for north.

$Frasers Cpt Tr(J69U.SI) - same as CMT, malls... 

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - BullFlag unlikely at current climate.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - double top formed. lets see if Green holds.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - short term double top, breakin.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - it will have to fall a lot for me to be interested again.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - first blood? or just a quick break. it is not even touchin 20dma.

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - my M shape didnt work out. next week see if it will break below 165.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - it follows the lines pretty well, 116 still a possibility.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - somethin happened lately but didnt follow thru.

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - the air is gettin thinner up there. 

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 October 26
Markets are truely unpredictable. A week of strong North Winds. My SemiC-Tech counters came alive again. Some sinking Blues also look bottomed and recovering. Reits counter slowed, BBs changing playing ground?
Long weekend started. I am packed with house chores, family duty and some work works. Too many things, too little time.
Wish all a relax long weekend. Cheers.

$AEM(AWX.SI) - recent surge looks very similar to what happened near 2 years ago but with more volume. Reduced some trading position at 31% kopi money. Rest still on high ground.

$UMS(558.SI) - broke several key resistance though more to come. looks promising, for no reason. Reduced some trading position at 25% kopi money. Rest still on high ground.

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - crossed the line, first time over a year.

$Venture(V03.SI) - hope think Black holds.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - Pink Lady crossed below Thick Black. She should guide the south journey. Earning is out, let's see next week.

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - 3.1 holds well looking to close gap above.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - working hard to break top Red.

BAUSCH HEALTH ( $BHC ) - back above 200 dma. strong bounce at blue arrow but i missed it.

CENTURYLINK INC ( $CTL ) - looking forward for Pink Lady to cross Thick Black and bring it north.

ENDO INTERNATIONAL ( $ENDP ) - it survived the near 14% after market drop. concurred Blue, Pink and Purple. broke Green and now working to concur Green before Thick Black.

SUNRUN INC ( $RUN ) - it did not break above 18, now short term double top. i should have exited at amber circle, now watch red circle closely. 

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 October 19
Enough time to share few charts that I think are interesting this week. A great weekend to all, cheers.

$AEM(AWX.SI) - this view shows why i think it is at a very critical point now.

$UMS(558.SI) - good surprise. break out for no reason.

$Venture(V03.SI) - few asked why, hope this view helps.

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - thick Black to watch.

$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - added back at 1.38. not trading.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - pattern still there so my hope still alive.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - dont think this is real. lets see next week.

$CTL - reaching real resistance. fingers crossed.

$ENDP - after market dropped over 13%, sianz.

$RUN - uptrend to continue.

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$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) Dare to dream series - M for Mapletree, M for Money !

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) Weakest of the 4Ms, dare to dream series - Super Bear Flag MNAC ;-)

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