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Tks for sharing! 13.88 is coming!


Reply to @Sporeshare : why 13.88? cause there is a 发发? LOL

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Venture makes e-cirgarette banned in some places including Singapore,


Reply to @mindgamesone : venture dont pay tax ... sigh

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忽然间, 一片愁云惨雾, 哈哈


Reply to @BrotherTeo : 路難行


thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing.


没有最惨,只有更惨。。。 !

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 October 26
Markets are truely unpredictable. A week of strong North Winds. My SemiC-Tech counters came alive again. Some sinking Blues also look bottomed and recovering. Reits counter slowed, BBs changing playing ground?
Long weekend started. I am packed with house chores, family duty and some work works. Too many things, too little time.
Wish all a relax long weekend. Cheers.

$AEM(AWX.SI) - recent surge looks very similar to what happened near 2 years ago but with more volume. Reduced some trading position at 31% kopi money. Rest still on high ground.

$UMS(558.SI) - broke several key resistance though more to come. looks promising, for no reason. Reduced some trading position at 25% kopi money. Rest still on high ground.

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - crossed the line, first time over a year.

$Venture(V03.SI) - hope think Black holds.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - Pink Lady crossed below Thick Black. She should guide the south journey. Earning is out, let's see next week.

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - 3.1 holds well looking to close gap above.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - working hard to break top Red.

BAUSCH HEALTH ( $BHC ) - back above 200 dma. strong bounce at blue arrow but i missed it.

CENTURYLINK INC ( $CTL ) - looking forward for Pink Lady to cross Thick Black and bring it north.

ENDO INTERNATIONAL ( $ENDP ) - it survived the near 14% after market drop. concurred Blue, Pink and Purple. broke Green and now working to concur Green before Thick Black.

SUNRUN INC ( $RUN ) - it did not break above 18, now short term double top. i should have exited at amber circle, now watch red circle closely. 

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 October 19
Enough time to share few charts that I think are interesting this week. A great weekend to all, cheers.

$AEM(AWX.SI) - this view shows why i think it is at a very critical point now.

$UMS(558.SI) - good surprise. break out for no reason.

$Venture(V03.SI) - few asked why, hope this view helps.

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - thick Black to watch.

$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - added back at 1.38. not trading.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - pattern still there so my hope still alive.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - dont think this is real. lets see next week.

$CTL - reaching real resistance. fingers crossed.

$ENDP - after market dropped over 13%, sianz.

$RUN - uptrend to continue.

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 October 12
Perhaps we will see 4000 if we fill STI with REITs only? LOL. Trade deal optimism came to support. But for how long? I am not doing much other than window shopping these days. You?
Will get more busy towards year end and unsure how much time I will have for myself. Sharing what I can while I can. Will be happy to have your view. Do drop by chit charts. Cheers.

SG Stocks

$AEM(AWX.SI) - going to break the top red line?

$UMS(558.SI) - Friday move and volume must be the trade optimism.

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - nothing changed.

$Venture(V03.SI) - spent a week waiting for direction.

$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - this view looks a lot of upward potential? hee.

$PropNex(OYY.SI) - that red bar volume, ouch.

$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - hibernation continues. 

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - still hoping it will crack.

$DBS(D05.SI) - banks pretty similar patterns. volume grows for this one.

$OCBC Bank(O39.SI) - red line to watch.

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - pink lady looks to cross thick black soon, hainz.

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - staffline decision caused this in my view.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - hainz, broke out above instead. divvy power.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - not ready to go south yet.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - still cant see anything yet.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - only hope is the divvy season.

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - it recovered, need to break red support to start south journey.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - broke 125 and stays above. uptrend.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - it is happening, gonna test 208 again.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - right at the top, need a kit kat?

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - break out siah.

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - I moved the Orange Slop. Looks not gonna happen.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - weekly chart tells a cleaner story.

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - shooting star spotted on wma, dma. right at 3.25. there should be pull back next. how much is the question.

MY Stocks
$CIMB(1023.MY) - went below support after xD, now struggling.

$CMMT(5180.MY) - didnt make it through the top red, wait for next attempt.

$GENM(4715.MY) - happy to wait for this, few gaps to close above.

$MAYBANK(1155.MY) - south journey getting predictable.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - didnt see this at all. reduced 2/3 with small profit. might exit all soon. moved too fast up.

US Stocks
 $BBIO - looks like south journey slowed, with long way back. tall green bar turned out to be pump and dump.

 $BHC - do let me know if you know how to catch such long green candle.

 $CTL - it got back above purple but shy away from pink. i am holding on.

 $EIDX - almost got bumped out, hope it continues uptrend.

 $ENDP - i am still wrestling with this one, since 8+ dollars. ran out of bullets. hope it found bottom.

 $RUN - went about purple again but ended up with a shooting star. should i run below purple?

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 October 05
Sharing my weekly watch counters. Made few moves on US and MY counters. Made no move on SG counters.
What are you watching other that EPL? Come share share chit charts. Cheers. 

SG Stocks
$AEM(AWX.SI) - still looking pretty good, both TA n FA.

$UMS(558.SI) - struggling below thick Black. short term higher high, higher low.

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - sideway continues.

$Venture(V03.SI) - looks like bottom formed? if Orange holds.

$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - Pink Line slowly down. Not pretty.

$PropNex(OYY.SI) - a Twin to APAC.

$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - hibernation. wonder how many subscribed the Rights. 

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - that few lines sufficient for now.

$DBS(D05.SI) - keen eyes on 24.

$OCBC Bank(O39.SI) - interesting to watch 10.5 the 3rd time.

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - south.

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - did not make it, hope 58 holds.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - need loads of patience.

$CapitaMall Trust(C38U.SI) - mini HnS formed. let's see how far it will go.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - not much changes, continues to play with thick Black.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - looks like south journey with more volume generally, no good.

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - 1st crack.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - inverted HnS a possibility.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - really dont like what i see.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - i think can forget about this for now.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - Orange Line a big ask, Pink possible? 

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - pls continue to follow Orange Slop.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - pls dont make me happy.

$ParkwayLife Reit(C2PU.SI) - 3.25 what i can see for now. 4 perc dpu which is better than KDC.

MY Stocks
$CIMB(1023.MY) - price moved little when divvy declared. exited a day before xD expecting drop below support.

$CMMT(5180.MY) - still look promising, slow like a reit.

$GENM(4715.MY) - dropped below thick Black after xD, trending down again. might add around Blue Support.

$MAYBANK(1155.MY) - avalanche looks to continue.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - expected it to trend lower but it breakout out of the blue.

US Stocks
 $BBIO - Red Arrow where i should have cut.

 $BHC - should have cut at the Red Arrow. heng i did the next day.

 $CTL - Red Arrow and Round Top. Now rely on Purple.

 $EIDX - entered at Blue Arrow. i am looking at 50.

 $ENDP - consider reducing position.

 $RUN - i like what i saw at Blue Arrow. But hurdles ahead.

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 September 13  

A pretty interesting week to me, seeing some Greens. Now that the two big boys gonna talk in October and next rate cuts decision near, we can hope for some calmness.

Sharing counters of my interest with highly biased view. Happy to hear your view so do drop by chit Charts when you have a minute. Meanwhile, enjoy quality time with family. Cheers.

SG Stocks
$AEM(AWX.SI) - bright Greens my targets.

$UMS(558.SI) - thick Black can break?

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - been sideway for sometime now.

$Venture(V03.SI) - hope is in the air, if it passes thick Black.

$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - finally got pulse today.

$PropNex(OYY.SI) - narrowed. give me 55 pls.

$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - 63 rights? why bother?

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - still waiting for better entry but i might miss the boat.

$DBS(D05.SI) - my 22-23 still not in sight.

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - looks better, next 3.3?

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - surprised volume. should see 64, 66.

$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) - green shoots.

$Japfa(UD2.SI) - look great but technically, needs above Blue.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - 2013 last it went so high above thick Black. it always come  home to thick Black at some point.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - still not looking good, need above thick Black. might need to use base Red.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - managed to bounce back. 1.1 critical. rate cut and weaker dollar likely will help.

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - double top pointing thick Black? dare to dream.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - missed 116. now hope it does not pass 125.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - will you buy now if you are to keep for long term?

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - when will i ever catch it again? 

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - does not look tire yet. heng i have some alreadi. 

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - let's see if double top possible.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - should not have missed that opportunity.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - boxed.

MY Stocks
$CIMB(1023.MY) - i better be right.

$CMMT(5180.MY) - not an easy one to break but if it does...

$GENM(4715.MY) - round bottom. but xD coming. please stay above thick Black.

$MAYBANK(1155.MY) - xD gonna hurt. but base formed.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - lower lows lower highs.

US Stocks 
$BBIO - added last night around 25.5.

$BHC - I am in around 21. but i don't like it broke back below thick Black.

$CTL - my average around 12. nice breakout but thick Black pls hold.

$EIDX - double top potential. keen eyes on purple.

$ENDP - i will be very happy at Green. no bao-jiak.

$RUN - i am in around 15. not a good entry. hope for luck.

$SQ - i SL below Amber.

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