Muddy Waters' SELL call doesn't affect Anta Sportswear share price from going up, instead it broke its previous high and closed @60.45 toay. Amazingly rises for 10th day!


Reply to @benco : muddy waters various reports, trade wars literally no impact to Anta

frankly, the chinese sports wear (clothes and shoes) are really very cheap and good esp buying from taobao in china.


investors money gone up in smoke?


@Sweeswee Can you show us evidence that it is perpetuated by the Communist Party? If you cannot it is best you modify your statement.
I do not think we want negative things said about our friends, family or government without evidence. Or you will lose credibilty.
"In the end, however, it may also succumb to the fraud disease so prevalent among China companies. It is almost like a culture, a way of life (systemically perpetuated by the Chinese Communist Party and infected almost the entire population)."


Reply to @Sweeswee : This is a silly answer, that means because we have a few corrupt offiicals e.g SembMarine's head in Brazil,
or neighbours like the AMK town council GM,
or relatives who are corrupt...then the government, SembMarine and AMK town.....are all corrupt and encouraging perpetuating it,
so if your brother is corrupt your whole family is corrupt?
If I read in the news, that confirms they are corrupt even if there is no trial yet? Can we say those convicted like those China officials means all officials not convicted are corrupt too? It is so pathetic to read your sweeping statements how can I not feel sorry for you if this is your analysis of the stock market

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