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Weekend Chart Update

- 2019 June 30

Well, now that the 2 kids started talking again I guess we should see some chionging in tech, finance stocks. REITs chionged like there is no tomorrow should take a break now.

Drop by share your view.

Have a great week ahead, cheers!

SG Stocks
$AEM(AWX.SI) - she went back above that blue line, great... now let's watch that red closely.

$Hi-P(H17.SI) - she's still looking great, should give a good swing.

$Sunningdale Tech(BHQ.SI) - she recovered above 1.25 testing thick black.

$UMS(558.SI) - she did 665 but can't break it, will she try again?

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - she did well breaking that thick black.

$Venture(V03.SI) - a good 3 dollars swing in short 2 weeks, should see more now that the 2 are talking again.

$AIMSAMP Cap Reit(O5RU.SI) - a clear breakout finally, should see 1.5 next. 

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - she is flying again. like there is no tomorrow. Heading to 3.23 but surely she will need a break?

$Ascott Reit(A68U.SI) - almost vertical. time for a break before 1.35. golden time for REITs indeed.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - false breakout, now relying on thick black. hope is in the air.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - continue recovering well. 1.05 will be tough test.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - back tested 1.18, volume arrives. time to fly. 1.35, dare to dream.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - one monster. but she has completed her mission. don't think she will further north before a good break.

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - broke 2.18 at ease. 2.32 next but hope pull back around 2.15 first please.

$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - short term bounce done, next 60.

$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - 1 line up as expected, now thick black then next red line.

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - yes, green lines my targets.

$PropNex(OYY.SI) - finally, thick black appears.

$DBS(D05.SI) - 22ish never come, closer to 27ish now.

$Genting Sing(G13.SI) - i see a double bottom and inverted H&S. as real as it gets. got chance for 1.1.

$Keppel Corp(BN4.SI) - short term cycle completed. still looking good but might pull back a bit first.

$Japfa(UD2.SI) - jap fans, your chance is here. remember to run if closed below that blue. else, sky is the limit?

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - there is enough to be made IF she don't break that bottom red.

MY Stocks
$GENM(4715.MY) - looking great to me, thick black next.

$MAYBANK(1155.MY) - approching last line of defense.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - boxed her for now, see where she's heading.

US Stocks

 $AMAT - reaching interesting point, quick gap to close.

 $CTL - base found, recovering takes time but started.

 $ENDP - attempting to form base? hmm.

 $MU - time for a quick break.

 $BHC - 3 to 6 dollars swing trade, anyone?

 $TLRY - based formed, finding her way back.

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My GenM... ouch! Heng still have some :-)


Taken some profit on GenM, +17%


SemiC counters getting interesting today, out of the blues ;-)


UMS looking interesting, critical point north or south ;-) I added bit bit... itchy lar.


Reply to @Thunderbuddy : best of luck, to us ;-)

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First touched 108
Frasers dip


Sir, you vested in micron?

Do you think this will give it a boost?


Reply to @Thunderbuddy : mu up ;-)

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Singtel is giving me a headache now... what do i do if she gets near 3.75 before xD? I see potential for 3.95 but it will not be in a straight line... Any Singtel buddy here? Cheers.


MINT broke 2.32, might stretch to 1.36... hard to imagine beyond
FLT broke 1.27, looking at 1.35
First broke 1.05, looking at 1.08, 1.14
madness ...


Reply to @opy : Half thinking to add yesterday or not.

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AEM keep dropping sia....


Reply to @LFO : Hahaaa....
Don't follow me ma...
I always pay tuition fee...
Get pain later follow me...

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Weekend Chit Charts

- 2019 September 13  

A pretty interesting week to me, seeing some Greens. Now that the two big boys gonna talk in October and next rate cuts decision near, we can hope for some calmness.

Sharing counters of my interest with highly biased view. Happy to hear your view so do drop by chit Charts when you have a minute. Meanwhile, enjoy quality time with family. Cheers.

SG Stocks
$AEM(AWX.SI) - bright Greens my targets.

$UMS(558.SI) - thick Black can break?

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - been sideway for sometime now.

$Venture(V03.SI) - hope is in the air, if it passes thick Black.

$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - finally got pulse today.

$PropNex(OYY.SI) - narrowed. give me 55 pls.

$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - 63 rights? why bother?

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - still waiting for better entry but i might miss the boat.

$DBS(D05.SI) - my 22-23 still not in sight.

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - looks better, next 3.3?

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - surprised volume. should see 64, 66.

$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) - green shoots.

$Japfa(UD2.SI) - look great but technically, needs above Blue.

$Ascendas Reit(A17U.SI) - 2013 last it went so high above thick Black. it always come  home to thick Black at some point.

$ESR-REIT(J91U.SI) - still not looking good, need above thick Black. might need to use base Red.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - managed to bounce back. 1.1 critical. rate cut and weaker dollar likely will help.

$Frasers Com Tr(ND8U.SI) - double top pointing thick Black? dare to dream.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - missed 116. now hope it does not pass 125.

$Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SI) - will you buy now if you are to keep for long term?

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - when will i ever catch it again? 

$Mapletree Ind Tr(ME8U.SI) - does not look tire yet. heng i have some alreadi. 

$Mapletree Log Tr(M44U.SI) - let's see if double top possible.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - should not have missed that opportunity.

$Sasseur Reit(CRPU.SI) - boxed.

MY Stocks
$CIMB(1023.MY) - i better be right.

$CMMT(5180.MY) - not an easy one to break but if it does...

$GENM(4715.MY) - round bottom. but xD coming. please stay above thick Black.

$MAYBANK(1155.MY) - xD gonna hurt. but base formed.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - lower lows lower highs.

US Stocks 
$BBIO - added last night around 25.5.

$BHC - I am in around 21. but i don't like it broke back below thick Black.

$CTL - my average around 12. nice breakout but thick Black pls hold.

$EIDX - double top potential. keen eyes on purple.

$ENDP - i will be very happy at Green. no bao-jiak.

$RUN - i am in around 15. not a good entry. hope for luck.

$SQ - i SL below Amber.

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volume growing siah... who's adding big? quick quick show your face !! 

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It is looking really promising now. Whats your view?

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Weekend Chart Update

- 2019 August 09
A short week but a very exciting one. Dow did a near 800 points dive. Have not seen it for a while. But there is no follow through, yet. Further reduced AEM in prep to feed my itchy fingers. And as usual, she went north. LOL. Btw, will post Reits separately.
A long long weekend, wish all have good rest and have fun in anything you choose to spend time on. Cheers.

SG Stocks
$AEM(AWX.SI) - I chicken out. She bounced at key support. With solid earnings, she's heading north.

$UMS(558.SI) - Last line at 55, I will be keen to add.

$Valuetronics(BN2.SI) - would have added if not have eyed Reits.

$Venture(V03.SI) - broken key trend line supports. her chance back north is slip now with less inspiring earnings.

$APAC Realty(CLN.SI) - well, p&d indeed. now back on support line.

$PropNex(OYY.SI) - final thin line support.

$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI) - sad.

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - something weird about her yesterday. her closing... 1.75 to 1.83. did you see it?

$DBS(D05.SI) - struggling right below thick Black. i will wake up below 24. 

$SingTel(Z74.SI) - broken finally. few more supports ahead. let's see what she's made of.

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - one of those with slow death in making?

$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) - she last kissed 200wma was 3.5y ago. power.

$Japfa(UD2.SI) - broken.

$ThaiBev(Y92.SI) - heading south.

$YZJ Shipbldg SGD(BS6.SI) - that long red bar hurts. i don't think she will be titanic2.

MY Stocks
$GENM(4715.MY) - BBs steady. Classic p&d. Now she has to start all over again. Monitoring 3.08 closely.

$MAYBANK(1155.MY) - broken and struggling.

$SCIENTX(4731.MY) - didn't add around 8.3.

US Stocks
 $CTL - earnings dented her recovery. i don't like that volume.

 $EIDX - game over! BridgeBio, hainz...

 $ENDP - alright, doomed. long winter continues.

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Weekend Chit Charts - I am Watching YOU

- 2019 September 07

Quick sharing on few counters I am watching for actions if opportunity arrives.

Which are the counters you have been "Bio-ing"? Have a great weekend and do drop by chit charts.

$Frasers Property(TQ5.SI) - few lines to watch, looking struggling mid term.

$HRnetGroup(CHZ.SI) - done with falling for now, volume arrives looking at 65.

$China Sunsine(CH8.SI) - breaking bottom blue line looking for Thick Black Bounce.

 $ENDP - purple my life line.

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) - looking to reduce trading position at one of the green lines.

$Frasers L&I Tr(BUOU.SI) - 3rd time shy.

$Mapletree Com Tr(N2IU.SI) - not daring to chase.

$Mapletree NAC Tr(RW0U.SI) - yes, i missed that opportunity.

$HongkongLand USD(H78.SI) - broke below Thick Black and few more support lines. Found short term base. Next challenge Pink Lady. 

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