First one to close at/above the primary downtrend cycle resistance line :)


Reply to @TiKongKia88 : Thanks for sharing


The problem with these stocks is not big mover except Venture


Reply to @TiKongKia88 : Not really. First I am not hard core day trader and still learning the rope from others hopefuly expedite learning curve technically. Only when I am able to wake up or not busy. Winning in SG market day trading also does not make me a winning day trader. Tried it on US then you know what I meant. One has to be statistically winning in US market month after month consistently for 2 years then one can claimed to be achieved something as day trader. And I am far from that, honestly not even close and look like beginner's luck and going into disaster.

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Almost all 4 of them are at centre of Bollinger.

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