I do not agree with your assertion that management is out intentionally to screw it's unit holders again. In any business, the macro environment is often beyond the control of management. This is but one of many initiatives by management to mitigate the challenges faced by industrial Reits currently & to execute it's overall strategy. I do not dispute that DPU would suffer in the short term. However when one view it with a medium to long term perspective, this EFR should reap positive returns for unit holders..... ?


Reply to @Pizzaprata : I have a positive view on managment base on the constructive steps they have taken to grow the reit. I do not invest base on the emotion called love, I invest because i see growth potential. By the way, MIT & AIM APAC have their respective challenges as well, it's not a bed of roses...

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So go or no go? For picking up their rights issue


cambridge industrial trust?


Reply to @HomeMaker : Yes, the name was changed 2 years ago when ESR took over the Reit manager.

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