$MM2 Asia(1B0.SI)

Other than @HK1_wolfgang, anyone else going for the AGM later? I will most likely be there as well, anyone with any burning questions to ask the management?

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Long Long to go.I doubt the thing will end soon.really 慢慢等


Reply to @felixtan : ah, ok. at least some confidence from his side.

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mm2 will get a boost once more details of the gv deal becomes clearer.

yesterday a company lawyer was there and they were quiet lip tight on the deal going ahead. but hinted it may not be fifty percent ??


Reply to @HK1_888 : 现在是在等 Os 打算不要买剩余的50%。 os 刚卖中国戏院,是有钱,可是钱还没进来而已!他们也没想到vr会卖掉那50%,所以这样就不给批准卖,好像是要多一点时间想要不要买剩余的50%,如果不买,就给慢慢等买了!哈哈!

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昨天是这位律师解释 gv 戏院事件的吗?哈哈


Reply to @LaughingHuay : 还以为是他,因为他当天在$0.52买了200,000!哈哈!

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china aviation can hold


Thanks for the update! :)


thank you for your effort


appreciate ur efforts!


Reply to @Smallcapasia : my pleasure! although i think what i typed is not very clear cos they spoke too fast and i have not much experience attending agm so please pardon me!


overall it seems like the chairman was quite restricted legally to reveal more about the gv deal, but was friendly and approachable towards shareholders offline. the ceo also mentioned offline that there was no hurry for them as of now to enter into any deal if it is not in the favor of shareholders, guess we can only wait and hope they release good news soon given their extensive networks in the industry


Reply to @yapjt : 股价不等人的!哈哈

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qn: mm2 has not officially met the other partner?

ans: no we did meet up with them, but as far as we are concerned, village didnt deliver the consent for us

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