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LevelUp :

Really like a roller coaster. Not suitable for the faint hearted ...

Sporeshare :

Speculative counter. Those who got it at 30 cents already can make a handsome profits. Dyodd

Sporeshare :

I think Heavily selling down Tdy . Be careful

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Target Price

$Noble Group(CGP.SI) believe sale will go thru...looking at above 50....dyodd

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$Noble Group(CGP.SI)
Halted pending announcement of major transaction

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To hold or not to hold , that is the question.

Investing / trading is a gamble , like it or not, unless you have insider info.

Retailers are always at the mercy of unannounced news .

For example,

If you hold $Noble Group(CGP.SI) pre-consolidation

You will be sitting on a 70% loss

If you hold $ComfortDelGro(C52.SI) at its peak, a 10% loss

Investment is an art. Cutting loss is castration but keeping your life.....

I personally vested in 3 losing stock this year.

1. Loyz energy - bought at 0.021 cut loss at 0.016
2. Golden energy - bought at 0.56 cut loss at 0.48
3. Keppel - bought at 7 cut loss at 6.5

Yes investment is to hold long term, but when the dip comes , would you wanna accept your misjudgement or holding on in hope of a revival?

Biggest lost of all - blumont bought at yr 2013 timing 1.5 sell at 0.1 , 0.05, 0.001...

Well time for meow gibson to go look for table scrape again.

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